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UFO believers ascertain that there is evidence in ancient texts that clearly describes ancient aerial battles taking place in ancient time. Did ancient cultures have somehow the power of flight before the invention of aircraft? The ability to fly has always been a dream of mankind for hundreds of years and we have only perfected the use of planes, jets, and even space craft in the last 100 years. But is it possible that the ability to fly is actually a lost ancient secret that our ancestors somehow knew about existed. Skeptics disagree about the knowledge of flight in ancient times, but there are interesting anomalies around the world that clearly show they knew something about it the power of flight.

Archaeologists discovered a small gold trinkets dating back to the pre-Inca era around 500 A.D. that strikingly resemble small jet fighters. I first thought to represent local insects when scientists studied these pre-Colombian gold artifacts; they discovered that the design was unlike any insect they had ever seen. Some researchers took upon themselves to build a small model and launch it in the air and discover to their amazement that it actually flew like a modern airplane glider. In Egypt for example there inside a tomb discovered in 1898 was found a small wooden airplane, a glider that actually flies just like the real thing even without a modern engine attached. Why would someone design a perfectly accurate airplane 2000 years ago that could fly? And why did it take us 2000 years later to learn to fly again?

There are many tales and legends of earlier flights dating back thousands of years ago from different cultures scattered around the world. There is an ancient mythical story of Emperor King Cheng Tang in China some 4000 years ago, who was at war and wanted to smite his enemies and so he ordered the construction of a flying chariot to reach the province of Honan. It is written that once the aircraft was constructed, tested flight worthy, used on its mission, the Emperor ordered its destruction for fear that such a powerful instrument such as this could be used against him in the future and on any one else as a lethal weapon.

Could this be where the story of UFOs is originating from? Is it possible that an ancient culture more advanced than other civilizations of mankind existed at the same time? Scientists just discovered that it is possible that Homo sapiens and Neanderthals were living at the same time and perhaps interacting with one another before the Neanderthals as a species went extinct. The question can be put simply is what happens when an advance culture meets a primitive one during exploration? The inexperience culture will perceive these new men like gods who possess awesome power and have sk ills that they do not have. Having secret knowledge would seem like magic to them and the ancient cultures would surely remember them and document their encounter in stone hieroglyphics, and stories passed down through the generations, and monuments, and temples, so that everyone remembers that they met perhaps Gods from the sky.

Found in Peru’s pre-Incan civilization records dating back to 2000 BC are mythological stories of gods who traveled in space ships from the star system Pleiades. The pre-Incan civilization was imparted with totally accurate astrological information about how our planet, the Sun, and the stars worked. Another well-documented close encounters with extraterrestrials dates back to the Sumerian culture of 4000 BC.

In the area known as a Iraq today, ancient Sumerians recorded an astonishing history that matches the book of Genesis in the Bible, but the Sumerians go on to claim that they were given secret knowledge about astronomy and math from beings who came from the stars. The Sumerians believe these extraterrestrials came from the Sirius star system, the planet Mars, and the Pleiades star system. The Sumerians believed these supernatural beings wanted to reproduce with them and help them travel to the stars. The Sumerians description sounds very similar to the tales of Fallen Angels descended to the Earth and wanted to mate with human women.

Current research shows that in ancient writing dating back before the time of the Bible that the Earth inhabitants were engaged in some kind of war up in the sky and on the ground. Some in the UFO community believe that the biblical story of God’s angels turning on one another and battling it out on the surface of the Earth and in the sky could literally be true.

The stories of Angels, UFOs, and even airships could have been passed down over hundreds of years, if not thousands of years before they were actually written in the Bible. Is it possible that ancient cultures had somehow master the ability to fly an aircraft the same way we do today? Where did the ancient cultures discover their advanced knowledge of astronomy and aerodynamics? Some researchers in the scientific community believe that legends and myth often have their bases in reality and truth. The world is full of unexplainable anomalies and it appears that ancient cultures knew far more than we give them credit for.

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