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Mysteries of Ancient Technology

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"Mysteries of Ancient Technology"
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When I think of how advanced we are in technology, its hard to believe that even with the best technology, we would have a hard time duplicating some of what has been created thousands of years ago.
If we dig deep enough and in the right places, we could imagine numerous finds from our distant past that lay buried for eternity.
Could we find some of these amazing pieces of evidence, that there were civilizations far ahead of our present day technology?

Well, dig we do all the time. And we do make some amazing discoveries. But the finds I'm talking about are those mystery types that can't be readily explained.
You may have seen the series "Arthur C Clarks" show about ancient mysteries, and no doubt saw the segment about the crystal scull thousands of years old.
For those who haven't, the scull made of pure crystal was so perfect in the way it was created, that even today, its admitted that we would have a hard time duplicating such a piece. So who, and what type of civilization had that kind of technology thousands of years ago?

Who can deny how surprised scientist were when they uncovered another mystery.
A hermetically sealed large box with no visible ways of opening it to see it's contents.
Ex-ray was used, and to their amazement, they found that the box contained intricate workings like that of a fine watch. Everything in it was precision made. It is thought to be some form of computer. Only with todays technology could those workings be duplicated, but we are talking about thousands of years ago that this box of precision work was made. Also in the same find, they found ancient electric batteries and related technology.
So who could have possibly had the technology to do this in the first place?

Some mysteries can be explained much to the dismay of believers who want to believe something other than a explainable reason for their existence.
But for many, there is no explanation that we can come up with to fully satisfy the need to know.

Today we still ponder the thought of exactly how the pyramids were built. We speculate, but do we really know for sure?
Levitation is thought of as a magic trick, or is it in fact a reality.
All one has to do is recall the works of a frail old man who under a hundred pounds was able to move up to twenty ton blocks of stone that he used to build a stone village. Everything was carved out of huge rock to make the buildings, the furnishings and anything else that would make up his stone village.
He was ordered by authorities to relocate his village.

The mystery to this day was how did he do so. Ailing, and under a hundred pounds, and up in age, he alone had the secrets of the pyramids as he was able to move all those tons of huge stone creations.
All that is known, is that he worked at it silently and secretly. He hired a driver with a huge flatbed truck. He would tell the driver to put himself out of site while the little old man loaded one of these giant rock carvings onto the truck.
A few minutes was all it took, and he then summoned the driver to come out and then deliver the stone to his new site. No cranes, no huge equipment, nothing!
The driver was mystified as could be expected. He could not explain it, nor could anyone for that matter. But this frail little man was able to undertake moving an entire stone village, only to rebuild it at its new location.

Since completing, he passed on. The village still remains to mystify visitors who come to look.
Its in Florida, and to this day, his ability to move tons of rock with no help but by his own method remains a mystery. Its thought he knew the secrets of levitation, and hence the thought that the pyramids may have been built using the same.
So do we just plod along thinking we are the most advanced civilization of all time, or should we be ready to admit that there were even further advanced civilizations throughout the history of the world. After all, we could face a world event that causes all life to come to an end as it did so many times over and over again from ancient events that caused the same.
Then its our technology that will be the mystery for future civilizations.

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