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We will not and can not have the ability to morph into animals or develop their traits in the near future, unless we figure out a way to restructure our DNA completely in a way that if our genetic make up would allow for a total or partial morphing it wouldn't physically, (or mentally) damage some part of the individual section or sections of the body being modified/ morphed. The damage to the specific region to be morphed would be reprehensible and possibly impossible to correct once completed. Bones would shatter, muscles would tear, skin would burst open and pain, pain and more pain for the poor person morphing into an animal. And, if morphing were to become possible, who would decide which animals to use for the genetic experiments? Who would decide the percentage of the population that would be tested for possible genetic experiments? What traits would be considered positive attributes from animals and what attributes would be considered negative? Who would decide where these experiments would take place and who was allowed to know of these experiments?

Morphing isn't an actual step in the evolutionary scale and morphing into animals isn't a natural process in the evolution of human beings. Our physical bodies are constructed to handle the pressures of the air about us, the enviroment and most of the trauma we put ourselves through. We are basically creatures of habit and humans have adapted to unbelievable conditions, but when we're cold the hair on our arms doesn't suddenly get ten times thicker and grow out at an alarming rate. It would take a true genetic mutation, a complete restructuring of our genetic code to accomplish a true animalistic morphing. Even then, the morph would probably be partially noticable or not noticable at all. Slightly more hair when you got cold. Eyes that would glow a deep amber at night to take in more light for night vision. Skin that gave off a slight acrid smell to keep animals away as a protection factor in the woods. All of these would be a definite plus, yet all are impossible as our genetic structure is rigid. Our scientists haven't come up with a way to incorporate the slightest detail of any animal trait into human DNA much less anything as big as total or partial morphing into an animal.

It's a nice dream, but the fact is, our DNA is fixed, locked and already structured. Alas, a human remains a human.

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