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No one has a clear plan for a Mission to Mars?.
America has lost its vision for space exploration?
Our space program has lost its way?
Not at all!

Americans to Mars 101... a new game plan!
Without regard to a why, when and where or the monumental costs and 'think time' involved, I offer these...

The Time Frame
1. It will take 8 months to get to the planet Mars.
2. Once on Mars, our explorers must wait 1½ years for Earth to align in right proximity for a return flight home.
3. 8 months to return home from Mars.
Reality? Our space travelers will be away for over 2 years.

Conclusion? Send Space Pilgrims!

A Space Pilgrim is a space traveler (or colony of space travelers) with no plan on returning back to Earth. Once on Mars they stay on Mars. They colonize the planet. They don't go to Mars on a one way trip with a death sentence. They go to live.. and live on.

The Space Vehicle
1. It will take more than one vehicle... on more than just one trip.
2. The space module for humans will only carry the basics.. food and living quarters. The comforts of man in a self contained unit.
3. The vehicle must be fast, big and easily repairable.
4. Scheduled rest stops. We launch station space out posts.

Reality? No such vehicle has been invented yet.

Conclusion? The space agencies involved in the Mars Mission will have to send a number of space vehicles ahead of time to await the Space Pilgrims before their arrival. Their living chambers. Their laboratory. Their food supplies. Their vehicles (rovers, buggies). Their tools. All can be sent ahead of time. The space agencies can also station spacecraft in line with the flight at different intervals in space for emergencies. (Tools, oxygen, repair materials). Can a space vehicle stop and collect emergency gear? (It might be done something like an old fashioned train collecting mail from a hook along a train track.)

5-10 pre-Mars Mission modules will insure a chance at success and survival.

Space Pilgrims
1. A number of 4 - 6 space travelers.
2. Young and adept.
3. Science and life science savvy.
4. Physically and psychologically fit.
5. Adventurous.
6. Survivors.

Reality? In such close quarters, and for such a long distance, these people will live, breathe and interact with each other 24/7. Maybe for the rest of their lives.

Harsh realities? The odds for their chance at survival on such a barren unforgiving planet is stacked against them. There will be no turning back.
Conclusion? Since these people are not coming back, they will in fact be starting a new world. This means they will hold dominion over their planet of Mars. They will create rules for living, behavior and the like.
{Example: If a baby is born on Mars it can NEVER come to Earth without living in a pressure suit at all times}

Can America (or the world) continue to support and send resources to a colony so far away? What would be the repercussions if we can't? Our little blue planet is their lifeline. Water, raw materials or otherwise... Mars colonists/space pilgrims will continue to need us for their survival.

Why not do this all with robots.. or drones?
Because we are humans... and this is what we do!

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