Mid Air UFO Sighting

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"Mid Air UFO Sighting"
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The last two weeks of my life have been very turbulent to say the least. Patience is a virtue. I feel that fate and destiny are somehow connected in the big picture of reality. What is reality? The events that led up to this moment have redefined my system of belief and knowledge. We all collide with the unknown at some point in our lives, that examination of reality that doen't somehow fit the known rules and laws. The media has expanded our awareness of the inexpliciable to encompass instant reporting. If it happened on Earth we will see it on the TV or Internet, we decide to accept or not accept what they flood us with each day. The question of sentient beings or civivlizations from other worlds has always facinated me, I'm from the X-Files generation of explorers, that show would stir the imagination and make you want to dig deeper into what is really happening in the universe. The internet made accessible a different point of view due to its links to so many channels dealing with the extraterrestial question. The disclosure events by governments of the Earth only pours fuel to the fire of wanting to know if we are alone or not. The one incident that stands out aboove all to me was the lights over Washington, DC in 1951, it was no way to deny that we were not alone but the government somehow stayed to their story. This with the Phoenix coverup hurt my feeelings and confidence in the people who are suppose to inform and protect us. The Stephenville case is no doubt the evidnece that we are rated as either stupid or gullible in the mind of the Government. What is larger than football fields and navigates the air space of the Greatest country on Earth? Nothing! We don't have the technology to even fake such a craft yet known deny eyewitness accounts, we are in trouble. The told and untold stories of our contact with aliens is a sorry excuse to be finally helped or destroyed by an invasion force that we knew was here and coming. I anm a fan of Art Bell and Coast to Coast with George Noory due to the fact that they explore the reaches of possiblity with out fear or apprehension. I lsitened to the show to early morning hours in Texas, soaking up what people were experiencing and speculating about our universe. I never thought that we would have anything in common other that the outlet they provide to go determine if the guests and photo's were real or just a cult. I thought I had seen it all, done it all, and was on the way out of this life still wondering about so many of life's mysteries. I had a rude awakening. I feel that we are definitely being misled, at this moment with out a doubt because of one photo. I was on the way to America for a much needed R&R in April of this year, Continental Airlines gets credit, they provided the jet. We were 35,000 feet and during 600 miles per hour over the Atlantic, it seemed like the ocean would never end. I love to taking pictures of clouds, sunsets, and landmasses from that height above the Earth. I saw land. The next moment changed my life forever. I saw it. I clicked the camera. I had my collisoin with the unknown, it didn't hurt but I knew that for me Truth is knowledge, we are not alone. I saw a shimmering sphere hovering in the blue cloud swept firmament, it was just floating there. I didn't get the time to say look, evidently no one else saw what I photographed. I finnally exposed the picture after taking it to another level of analysis, coincidence is a strnage factor in life. The photo that I have of a Mid-Air UFO has a conterpart that showed ten days earlier in Canada, that's not all, the same object was photographed in tandem, broad daylight four days later in Ft. Worth, Texas, my destination was Dallas, Texas. If you think I'm not going through some changes, give it up. I submitted the photo to Art Bell for Coast to Coast, they have it on their Web site right now. I was at the right place at the right time to take this photo, I feel like divine intervention was on me that day. I thank God for giving me the moment to examine that now and share this story with you and yours. I know we are not alone. Why me? Destiny is a cup of water, life is a sip. We must be alert to our environment, if it is strange it can happen, we are not just a civilization capalble of what I photographed, I know this and you know this. Peace.

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