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Should men be allowed to be pregnant and conceive babies? Current technology does not allow for men to conceive, carry, or birth a human child. If technology were available to allow men to conceive and give birth to children should it be allowed? Mankind's morality makes the idea of allowing men to change their physical nature and having children a definite no-no.

Religious objections would be raised from every known belief system if men were permitted to alter themselves in order to have children. Human morality stems from the teachings of organized religions like, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and others. No known religion in the world allows men to carry children and give birth to them. Many religious leaders feel that technology has already gone to far. Man's progress in knowledge and science seems to surpass his moral judgments. Man is changing everything about himself and abandoning moral beliefs.

Medical resources should not be squandered on such difficult and possibly expensive, operations to physically alter the body of a man so that he can have a baby. Who will end up paying for them? In the United States, under our current health care system, costs for such a frivolous operation would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher premiums.

Men are not physical capable of conceiving or giving birth to a child with out numerous operations which have never been performed before. Surgeons would have to construct a birth canal and widen the pelvis area of a man in order for a man to be able to give birth to a baby. Conception is another medical dilemma that doctors must face should medical scientists manage to advance current medical technology to the point where such operations would be possible. A womb and eggs must be implanted inside of a man to allow him to conceive. It may be possible to fertilize a woman's egg and implant it into a man's surgically constructed womb, which has never actually been done before.

Men do have sex change operations but even they will acknowledge that these types of operations are not entirely successful and are almost impossible to undo. Would operations to enable men to conceive be considered sex change operations or not? If men were able to actually give birth would they be able to bear the physical pain associated with child birth? Scientifically, researchers speculate that men are not able to tolerate the physical pain caused by a baby going through the birth canal.

If such operations were possible and the obvious moral questions raised by the majority of society were somehow discarded, the costs would still be quite prohibitive. With so many people all over the world without even the most basic health care services, how can society morally justify the expenses, resources, and currencies spent on such operations?

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