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Men having Babies – No

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"Men having Babies - No"
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Yes, all men should be allowed to be pregnant and conceive babies! Shouldn't it be the other way round though? However, how many men would actually want to do this, if it were possible, which of-course it isn't.  

 Men are not anatomically designed to be able to conceive and become pregnant, this is why they are men. No matter how you try and dress it up men cannot conceive nor can they become pregnant!

If men should be allowed, this statement makes no sense whatsoever, to conceive and be pregnant, which they cannot possibly do due to the laws of nature, then women should be allowed to inseminate men, or is that women? See how ridiculous this whole subject becomes.

Recently there was a story in the news about a man becoming pregnant. Well how wonderful, a miracle to be sure! This is how the press tried to portray this story, that a man had somehow conceived and become pregnant.

The facts behind this ludicrous story was that a woman, yes a woman had had a sex change, or gender change to become a man but was still intrinsically a woman. This is how this person became pregnant but she happens to now look or rather has chosen to take on male characteristics.

Nature gave us men and women. Men to inseminate. Women to conceive, become pregnant and eventually give birth to the next generation and so the cycle goes.

Whether men or women for whatever reason feel the need to change gender, and I understand that these issues are complicated and I am in no means decrying these people, I have no right to, this however does not alter the fact that biologically men are not here to perform a woman's biological role, they physically cannot, and women are not here to perform a man's biological role because they also physically cannot.

So let us not try and be sensationalist and announce that a man has conceived and become pregnant, this also is an insult to the general population. People are not that gullible anymore.

This piece of news should never have been published if only for the reason that it makes the person in question look like a freak and a side-show exhibit, and oh of course I'm missing the point aren't I it sells papers and unfortunately appeals to a certain class of people.This type of journalism or rather sensationalism is long past its sell by date,well for most sensible people anyway.

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