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Meaning of i DOT in Handwriting Analysis what do your i Dots Reveal Guide to i Dots

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"Meaning of i DOT in Handwriting Analysis what do your i Dots Reveal Guide to i Dots"
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You will be surprised to know that “i” – dots can disclose a lot about your personality and character. It is indeed true "i" dots do reveal a lot about you. Read on to spot the dots in your handwriting and find out what does the tiny alphabet letter “i “have to say about you?

In Graphology the analysis of the “i“dot is based on the three P’s

Position - Where it is placed

As a general rule the closer the “i” dot is in the formation of the “i,” it suggests extra attention to details. And on the contrary, the farther away the “i” dot, it reflects the writer's trait of possessing less attention to details.

The precisely placed “i” dot just above the stem points out the character traits of accuracy, and perfection. The writer shows strong adherence to details and possesses excellent memory. The writer not only takes the effort in dotting the i, but dots it exactly at the position where it belongs. This highlights the effective concentration skill and the ability to follow rules easily. When the “i”-dot is placed comparatively much higher away from the stem, it reveals the writers imaginative nature. Details emphasize to be realistic, but when the “i” dots seem to be flying away from the stem, this trait highlights that the writer loves to run off from the realm of reality, loves to daydream and enjoys building castles in the air.

You will also come across a few people's handwriting where the “i” dot seems to be missing completely. This shows that the writer possesses a lack of attention to details, and simply can’t cope with details. The dotless “i” reveals the character traits of being forgetful, careless and negligent. In a writing when an “i” dot is placed relatively near to the stem, and occasionally few “i” dots are completely missing, it shows that the writer loves to follow only the essential details which are mandatory but the trivial details are tend to be easily ignored.

An “i”-dot which is placed to the left side of the stem is a sure shot sign of procrastination and also highlights negative attitude. It also points out lack of self-confidence. The placement of “i” dot to the left of the stem represents the past and reveals that the writer loves to live in the past.

On the other hand the “i" dot to the right of the stem also called -the post-placed- i dot signifies the future. “i” dot to the right side of the stem simply points out the traits of eagerness to move on, the writer reveals the attitude of impatience and a trait of being in rush almost all the time. The writing shows speed and the desire to finish the tasks quickly without paying attention to precise details.

Where the writer continues his writing in a such a way that from the “i”-dot, he moves onto the next letter without lifting his pen, it highlights the speed and creativity of a sharp and agile mind.

Profile - Shape of “i“- dot

Dots which are placed as circles or drawn as any other shape points out the immature behavior of the writer, and a deep desire to be noticed. Dots which are drawn as circles are commonly found in teenage handwritings, revealing the desire to attract attention.

When the dot shape comes out to be more of a dash it represents energy and irritability. The writer seems to be in speed and does not care about precision details. There is also a possibility that the writer is disturbed or anxious about something which makes him fling his pen in such a way that his dots turn out to be dashes.

If the shape of the “i” dot appears to be like commas or arcs it reveals humorous nature of the writer. The “i” dot look similar to laughing mouths and points out the witty and gaiety behavior of the writer.

Pressure - How heavy is the pressure while writing the i dot

A dot of any shape regardless of its placement, which is barely visible, due to the light pressure applied while writing simply reveals lack of energy and liveliness. It shows low vitality of the writer.The very light "i" dot shows lack of willpower, which can be possibly physical weakness or even sickness, signifying that the writer had no strength to point the “i” dots.

When the dot is is placed precisely over the stem and is heavy, it reveals excellent memory, sound judgment, and ability to do detailed and precise work. The writer with a heavy dot tends to be materliastic in nature.

By now you have become an "i" – dot expert , so what are you waiting for ? Go pick up a sheet of signatures or handwriting, they really reveal a lot !

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