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Numbers are invariably used by all of us, all the time throughout our life. Study of mathematics and science is always encouraged in schools across globe. Mathematics not only helps in technological advancements but also helps us to think analytically. Thus inculcating better problem solving ability; be it within four walls of a classroom or real life problems.

Many elementary students suffer from math phobia. Modern era gadgets like a handy calculator in mobile phones and computers deprive young generation from doing any mental calculations.


While travelling, the three parameters, distance, time and speed are most important. Knowing the distance between source and destination, one computes travel time using the car speed. In fact knowing any two parameters the third can be easily calculated. It is no rocket science, and everybody does, unknowingly using math formula, which he might have dreaded while in school.

Estimating car mileage, total fuel cost, finding gas station selling fuel at minimum rate; all involve simple math principles.


Money matters involve great deal of simple calculation like addition and subtraction. Getting the best deal, able to calculate the approximate cost after discount, helps to make better choices and the best value of our money.

Giving tips

Giving tips at restaurants, to cab drivers or for that matter any service you have taken require a bit of maths. Computing ten to fifteen percent of the total bill is pretty easy if you have basic knowledge of percentages. In layman's language percentage is computation on hundred.

Understanding utility bills

Be it electricity, water or phone bill. Understanding terms like amount due, previous balance is important. Nowadays utility company even provides graphical representation of consumption pattern. All seems interesting, provided one understands graphs.

Inside Kitchen

Knowledge of weights and measure is put to good usage in kitchen. Correct portion of each ingredient is a must for a recipe to taste good. Say, a given recipe is good for four to six people; but ingredients need to be cut down proportionally, if you decide to prepare for self. Reading food labels and checking on calories all comes down to numbers.

No advance mathematics is required for a living, but then one should have fair understanding of numbers and their significance. Everybody is well versed in the four basic arithmetic operations, addition subtraction multiplication and division. Additional knowledge of fractions, percentages and, graphs sometimes prove beneficial.

Simple bar graphs and pie charts are extensively used by media for depicting a particular trend; be it voting pattern during elections or any opinion poll. It is true; a picture is worth a thousand words. The list of math usage in real world is almost endless. Mathematics is a subtle part of life; having immense usage in everyday life.

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