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Those who suffer from bipolar disorder also known as manic depression are faced with extreme emotional highs and lows. The "highs" are called the manic stage, while the "lows" are aptly referred to as depression.

During a manic episode you may notice a lack of sleepiness, you might catch yourself speaking more quickly and find you are prone to agitation. Those caught in a manic phase have more energy, stronger sexual desires and may find themselves spending too much money.

The most extreme cases may result in psychosis. This is when the individual has a break from reality. Delusions and hallucinations may occur. Bizarre anti-social behavior becomes not only noticeable but makes it impossible and even dangerous for them to function in social settings.

If you are on medication make sure that you are getting the doctor ordered amount. The beginning stages of mania usually result in the person feeling really good. Happy, healthy and not suffering from an illness. This can lead to the individual forgetting to take or feeling they do not need to take the medication that has been prescribed.

Reduce stress. This is not always possible but should be attempted to relieve yourself from as much pressure as you can. Avoid people who cause you stress or make you feel anxious. Do only what you must and do not overextend yourself. Rely on others for help if needed.

Avoid sensory stimulating surroundings. Public places, events and activities are the hot spot for stimulation. The noise level and the amount of movement can be an overload for the manic. You need to avoid these while fighting off a manic episode because they contribute to making the mania worse.

Eat healthy. Do not imbibe in alcohol, caffeinated drinks or products with high sugar content. These have stimulating affects and contribute to the increase of the level of mania. Do not take any mood altering drugs except those prescribed to you by your health care provider.

Avoid going shopping. Often people who are suffering a manic episode will overspend. Do not make major decisions during this time. And resist the urge to take on more responsibilities. An individual who is going through a manic episode can not think rationally. Their judgment is compromised by the mania.

Cease stimulating activities. Dancing, participation in competitive sports and online gaming come to mind. Any activity that gets your blood pumping and increases adrenalin is going to magnify the manic episode. During this time period you want to avoid all sensory stimulation as much as possible.

Insomnia often accompanies manic episodes. If you are having trouble sleeping consult your doctor. A bipolar disorder. Proper rest is always important but it is even more so now.

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