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Major Forest Fires in Western us History

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"Major Forest Fires in Western us History"
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Forest fires. From here, to there, the fires shall flare.

Whistling away lives one by one, consuming like demons each and every drop of civilization in which it confronts.

Wildfires are monsters thundering in with powers alike to the gods swimming in to eat the lives of all in which it crosses.

Where their is fire their is only grief, destruction, and death.

He who lights the flames of the gods, lights the gates to hell.

This is a look into a few of the deadliest fires in western current history. T

hey are terrifying, graphic, horrid, and frightening therefore we are limiting our details to the facts. If you would like the gruesome details feel free to look them up.

List of largest forest fire events in the western US.


Southern California - 16 wild fires broke out from Simi Valley to The Mexican Border. Spread like fire on fuel due to 50 to 60mph winds. The fire killed 3, injured 85 and at least 61 firefighters hurt, and nearly 1,500 homes distroyed. 500,000 people had to be evacuated from the area. Fire was caused by hot weather, the current drought, and high winds. One fire was assumed to have been deliberately caused, several from broken powerlines, one from an overturned semi truck.

And one 10 year old boy admitted to accidentally started a buckwheat fire.


Texas - Over 200 wildfires in a 24 hour period destroyed 15 homes, killed 10,000 farm animals, burning 191,000 acres of land.And claimed 11 human lives. 4 men dead from attempting to flee a fire after their vehicle became trapped in a ravine.

Seven fell victim from grass fires, three of which were two men who refused to leave their homes and one woman who attempted to save one of the men.


Alaska - Fire burns over 5 million acres of land.


Western US- Fire takes out 600 structures and burns over 137,000 acres.


Colorado - Small fire kills 14 Firefighters. A tribute to their death can be found here.

The fire was located at storm king mountain, near GlenWood Springs Colorado. 12 died by failure to outrun the fires. Along with 2 helirack men who could not outrun the fires.

The remaining 35 Firefighters managed to escape through the east drainage, and deploying their fire shelters in safety locations.

In the end. A fire is a god, it eats before it sleeps.

You cant play with fire, fire plays with you.

So just plain and simple dont toy with fire. You save alot more lives that way.

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