Magnetic Sun Storms Trigger Uprisings Wars

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"Magnetic Sun Storms Trigger Uprisings Wars"
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Scientific research carefully compiled over the last 90 years reveals that solar storms in space cause wars on Earth.

The amazing correlation has been confirmed by numerous studies and research into how the electrochemical process of the brain is negatively affected by changes in the magnetic field.

Astounding link

The deeply disturbing link between solar flares and their affect on the human psyche was first noted during 1915 by brilliant Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky. The Russian researcher discovered evidence solar storms are responsible for a marked increase in earthly conflict, wars and death.

Chizhevsky's remarkable research showed the rise and fall of solar activity—interacting with the Earth's magnetic field—causes a frightening transformation in people's overall moods, emotions and behavioral patterns.

He contented that solar flare cycles can literally drive men mad.

Wheeler's nightmarish data

Following up on Chizhevsky's initial research, Professor Raymond Wheeler, from the University of Kansas, uncovered more disturbing data. Wheeler, a noted historian, brought his full expertise to bear on the Russian's theory.

What he found was little short of nightmarish.

Applying a numerically weighted ranking system to separate wars—and even individual battle—the professor assessed them on length and severity.

He then correlated the impressive data with the 11-year sunspot cycle.

The results were shocking and horrifying.

When the 11-year solar cycle peaked, so did human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and all-out wars between nations. It was almost as if the intense magnetic upswing directly affected the human brain and drove Mankind into deadly emotional tantrums and frenzied killing sprees.

Assaults, murders, rebellions, and bloody wars erupt across the globe.

Worse, if there could be any doubt that the research was skewed by a short term aberration, Wheeler's research revealed the pattern spanned human history as far back as 2,500 years.

The relentless solar cycles

Solar cycle 22

During 1990 the solar maximum fever pitch initiated skirmishes and civil wars around the world culminating with Iraq invading Kuwait and the U.S. attacking Saddam Hussein's army.

Then, 11 years later, the 9-11 attacks against New York and Washington, D.C were followed by two major wars: Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to the 11-year solar cycle, as the sun entered its next active sunspot and flare peaking during late 2010 the disruptions in the earth's magnetic field was calculated to cause unrest, instability, uprisings, outbreaks of war, destruction and mass death once again.

It has.

Suddenly the news was filled with rising dissent rearing up in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Unrest spread to Syria, Libya, Iran and China.

Europe was not immune: general unrest arose in the UK and France, Greece had extended riots, Spain felt under pressure.

Even the U.S. saw angry mobs rise up in the state of Wisconsin.

Magnetic madness  

As the flares increase and the sun becomes increasingly violent, violence erupts on Earth.

The pattern is unmistakable and undeniable. At key points during the solar cycle—from minimum to maximum activity—the geomagnetic field begins to intensify as it comes under bombardment.

Meticulous research has shown that the magnetic field interacting with the electrochemically driven brain had an adverse affect upon the deep-rooted psychological mechanisms. The negative influences include abnormal hormonal swings and significantly mutated brain wave activity.

The magnetic monster initiates a general mass hysteria and a degree of uncontrollable psychosis. It even affects animals.

In other words, the world goes mad.

Solar cycle number 24: Worst possible

Solar Cycle 24 has begun.

NASA and other space agencies worldwide have warned about it. The cycle is predicted to be extreme, violent, unpredictable, and may even affect Earth's technology.

Expected to surge as much as 50 times more than the record-breaking solar cycle 23—that saw X-flares produced stronger than ever recorded. Monster cycle 24 will reach maximum intensity from 2011 through 2012.

It's the worst possible solar cycle at the worst possible time.

The data says to expect more wars, more deaths, more countries toppled and populations displaced.

The disturbing findings of Robert Becker

Dr. Robert Becker, a pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, was also a full professor at the State University of New York, and a noted author.

During 1963 Drs. Robert Becker discovered intense solar activity leads to psychotic outbreaks and mass insanity. That insight underscored the work of Wheeler and Chizhevsky.

He died in 2008 with a warning to all who would listen about the impending doom of 2011 and 2012.

Unfortunately, none listened.

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