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Love and Compassion what goes around comes Back Emotions Feelings we are all one

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"Love and Compassion what goes around comes Back Emotions Feelings we are all one"
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We are all one. Our actions and feelings effects us and others. Perceiving the creation as one big tree with innumerable branches, leaves, fruits, flowers and each individual being as a single leaf / fruit / flower / branch on this big tree we can come close to understanding why our actions and feelings effects us and others and how do they bounce back on us later on.

As we are all one, common are our experiences, pleasures and pains. However, in ignorance of our essential oneness we act motivated by our selfish attachment to our bodily form. These isolated incidents of selfishness sow the seed of effects we receive over time.

From selfishness we believe that an apple in my hand is better than an apple in another person's hand and are willing to snatch that apple from the other person. Once we do snatch an apple from the other person's hand he / she experiences certain emotions / feelings. They could be feelings of disgust, anger, pity or something else. Similarly we experience certain feelings from the act of snatching - like superiority, elation, or something else. Apparantly since we both are one, it is essential that the same feelings are experienced by both of us. So the cycle sets forth where the other person will at one time experience the feelings which we experienced now - of superiority, elation or whatever. Similarly, we are also bound to experience the feelings / emotions the other person experienced now.

This is the universe ways of showing that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It also confirms the proverb "What goes around comes back". When we act with the knowledge that lord almighty is the source of all creation and common ground for everything and we give up mentally the feeling that we are the cause behind any action and become equanimous between a favorable and non-favorable result of our action - we are able to free ourselve from the springboard effect of our actions. In the process of believing that the cause of all our actions is lord almighty, we transfer the doership to him and thus make it incipient on him to receive the effect of our actions. In becoming equanimous to the effects of the action, we do not transfer the effects of our feelings on to the recepient of our action.

In this manner the process of mental surrender to Lord Almighty, cleanses our heart from the disease of ego and expectations of rewards and restricts the web like spread of our actions and feelings. Once we have set ourselves on this course, our mind gets cleaned quickely from the detrimental effects of attachments and possessions. Our egoistically driven selfish outlook is curtailed and we open our hearts feelings of love and compassion.

Perceiving the presence of lord almighty in everyone trains our mind to act with utmost attention to love of the entire creation. We act in accordance with love and understand fully why Lord Jesus Christ said - Love thy neighbour as thy own self. We understand why peacemakers were called blessed ones and children of god. With love as the backbone of our decisions, we slowly start taking decisions which are beneficial to one and all.

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