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Looking at Living Systems from different Perspectives

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"Looking at Living Systems from different Perspectives"
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That article was definatly thought provoking, people may read it and think that it can't be true, but what makes something true and something not? No-one knows what is there beyond our universe. I mean, technically no-one even knows if the pictures of the planets that are brought back from the satellite dishes in space are even real! What if there was a glitch in the system? If the planets are so far away, then the picture could easily come back distorted. Ok, so maybe i've gone off on a tangent, but the point i'm trying to make is that even when there is a FACT in front of us, NO ONE has the supreme knowledge to make it TRUE or NOT.

Just think for a moment, what if everything we learn in school isn't true at all. Or maybe, the "scientists" got the equation wrong. What would we all think then?

People have to remember to keep an open mind when it comes to knowledge and facts. Just because someone says its true, doesn't mean you have to believe it! I love hearing other peoples theory's on the world, and how we became who we are today. I absolutely love it. I love the imagination, and the wit behind some peoples thoughts!

Here is one fact though.

We will never know for certain.

The system that we are in is so complex, so diverse, the society would a) never come to an agreement and b) there would never be any way of proving it completely!

So yeah... =]

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