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It's not difficult to imagine living to the age of 100 or beyond in today's society with the ever advancing technology of medical science. Advances in genetics and exploration into fields such as nanotechnolgy could very well extend the lifespan beyond 100 years in the near future.

Would I want to live that long? I'm honestly not sure. It would probably depend on several factors. If the aging process could be halted or reversed it would certainly make the prospect of living to 100 or beyond more appealing. It would also depend on my state of health. If I lived longer with the continuation of deteriorating health that is not something I would look forward to.

I would also have to consider the state of the earth and the condition of society. If society continues along the same path that it is presently on it may get progressively worse. That's not the type of existence I would want to endure for 100 years or more. While it certainly could be great to live for 100 years or longer it is also important to realize that the quality of the life lived can outweigh the length of one's life.

There are people who live a good long lifespan reaching 100 years of age or over. There are several factors that probably contribute to their longevity such as genetics and diet. But even with the advances in medical technology there will always be other factors to interfere with longevity. New diseases continue to arise while known viruses and bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and other drugs. Even the most healthy people have their lives cut short by tragic accidents.

Perhaps someday medical technology will find a way to eradicate disease and make the world safer thereby extending the lifespan of all humanity. Only time will tell. Of course there will always be moral dilemmas to deal with in the field of medical technology. We've already seen the issues that arose over stem cells and cloning techniques. It seems that even the most beneficial technologies will always have their downside. Even when the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones there will be issues of ethics that must be considered.

For those who live long and remain healthy throughout their lives I am awed and amazed by their longevity and endurance. Some have lived difficult lives and had their share of hardships which makes their long lives even more amazing. My children's great grandmother lived into her late nineties. She was a tiny woman who endured quite a bit throughout her many years but I never heard her complain. She maintained good health throughout her life and cared for three of her children who all passed away before her. She was an amazing woman. I honestly don't know if I could last that long.

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