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Depending on each individual situation, living alone can be the best thing for someone and for another, the worse thing. I will start with the positive side.

Being independent is a wonderful thing. When living alone, the only person you have to worry about is yourself. You do not have to worry about tip toeing around anyone's schedule or ways of living. Living alone is all about you and only you.

There is a negative side to living alone as well. It becomes an easy thing to do after awhile. Some people find such comfort in living alone they become recluse. Some people lose the ability to socialize. Some remain in a comfort zone that they think they are comfortable in, only to realize, living alone is a very lonely place to be.

If you are someone who resides alone but still has friends, family and acquaintances that fill in the void of the quiet times. There are many benefits that come along with this situation. The main one being space and peace of mind.

If you are someone who is living alone that does not want to be alone? This will have negative effects at first but eventually becomes quite comfortable. So, do not rush into having just anyone move in for the sake of company. This kind of situation usually does not work.

If you are someone who is living alone and have no friends, this is where the recluse syndrome can set in easily. Too much silence in ones world can have very negative effects. One can lose the capabilities of being social, fearing public places, and a discomfort with anyone who tries to be part of their life. Depression becomes the best friend of someone who lives every part of life totally alone. This is not a healthy place to be.

Then there are some people who enjoy living on their own. They easily become set in their own ways. Then down the road when they develop a relationship it is very hard to adjust to having someone in their space, so to say.

As humans we are not meant to be alone and conquer the world on our own.

I have known a few people who are so use to living alone, that there is nothing else in their entire world except loneliness. They suffer depression and are unable to function normally if in a social situation.

Living alone can be a positive thing as long as you have some kind of communication with others. Too much of anything is not good for us. This includes living alone.

The main thing to remember is, everyone needs someone.

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