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As Human beings we believe in the existence of an omnipresent All-mighty being. There are so many names and ideas given to such a presence that the belief that It exists is open to question and even doubt. We are thinking and reasoning beings and due to that we question, research and search for new frontiers to satisfy our curiosity. The quest for knowledge is a constant in the human race. That is what we call ourselves, not aliens.

A frontier, according to Webster, is any new part of a field that is incompletely investigated. Another universe that is yet unknown? Technology and science have brought new and distant frontiers within reach. Enter science and technology into the mix of human thought or beliefs and that brings forth the possibility of the existence of a past population.

From the depths of history during biblical times there is always the reference to the here-after. It is accepted by some as a future world that is there and waiting for humans to enter. What about a here-before? Our universe, as we know it, has planets, a sun as the center and many moons and a myriad of stars. It is a living universe that evolves continuously. Enter science and research again that tells us it has been in existence a very, very long time. There is recorded knowledge from a time before scientific research began, so humans mythicized to resolve and answer the unknown. Many of the unknowns have become, and are proven to be, reality.

Are we ourselves strangers in our own world? Are we alone in the universe as we know it? If we are alone, is it due to our victory over other populations? The science fiction definition of an alien is a being in or from outer-space and not native to the earth. Perhaps we are the aliens and not really native to our Earth. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, Earth is the third. Maybe we were the life on Mars! There are traces of water and ice in the reported findings from a probe on Mars which indicates that life could have existed there. Were we that life using and discarding a planet when its resources were exhausted? Could we have needed a warmer, new frontier to improve, or continue, our existence. Survival is prime for all living beings - aliens included. Are we the beings existing on the third rock from the Sun between the here-before and the here-after? Who knows? What is science fiction now will be history later!

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