Life in Outer Space and Concept of Aliens

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"Life in Outer Space and Concept of Aliens"
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The prospect of life in outer space entrances our minds and gives us a view of a whole new era in which we would enter by communicating with aliens and having the whole galaxy at our disposal. If we think for a while that there might be life in outer space, our minds set to work on the queries as to what they would look like, what there ways of communicating would be? Would they really use instruments to communicate or talk? What would be their ambitions for the journey towards earth; they would be friendly or warlocks. There are many such questions that come in the mind.

When I visualize them I find it difficult to imagine their appearance as aliens with antennae and gross complexions like green and purple as viewed in some of the movies. The question is why they can't be decent in fact more decent and beautiful than the humans on earth, as they are thought and hoped to be more intelligent and technologically ahead of the human race. I like to visualize them in my mind's eye as somewhat gay personalities with a genius I.Q who can even fly like birds without any equipment; with great passion for the human race and love towards humanity and among themselves they are truly united and really unique to identify not like robots which for a similar purpose are often created in batches and only differentiated by their serial numbers.

If they multiply like humans it wouldn't be such a surprise to see little aliens and their families capering on the earth getting interested and involved in our communities for children. The interest in outer space life is so great that every few days a claim is heard of viewing a flying saucer or alien space craft, people describe with great enthusiasm that they saw something round flying in the sky flashing lights and strange creatures; whether this is their illusion or reality it is not known for certain. Scientists are no exception - they are also keen to know more about life in different galaxies and planets that is the reason that every now and then space ships are sent to outer space to investigate for any signs and probabilities of life. We hope that if some day we actually come across an alien squad it will be a friendly one and not an enemy or destroyer of the human race.                                                                       

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