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Lessons from a River

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"Lessons from a River"
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Whether a river starts from a marsh, lake or winter snow melting down a mountain, it starts at a source. In life, every being has a beginning, no matter how small. From that source, every living thing grows and becomes something larger in existence. The life of a river shares many lessons if you open yourself up and listen.

Every river is different. Each river is created from its source traveling to the end, usually flowing out to sea. The path of one river may be rockier than another. The speed at which the river travels may be deliberate and laid-back in some spots and rocky and rapid in others. This can relate to life very easily. Every person's journey is different. No two paths are the same. At some points your journey may be laid-back. You will be able to absorb your surroundings. Other times, your journey will be difficult. Things may not always go as planned, but usually a new path will open if one is closed off.

The river is constantly changing. Erosion and climate impact the changes that a river goes through. People are constantly faced with changes as well. As soon as you think you have learned to navigate a situation, you reach a fork in the road and must make a decision. If you try to reject changes, you will struggle against the current. This will often make you tired. By adapting to changes, life becomes more exciting and fulfilling.

The ecosystem of the river works well together. Each specimen has its own goal, but by working together, ensures the success of the river group as a whole. While it may seem hard at times, it is necessary to work with others for the common good. You may think you only play a small part when you think of the world as a whole. However, all the small roles working together bring the world together successfully.

Sometimes you need to forget about the destination and enjoy the journey. Even a river comes to an end. It has so much life force flowing through it that one rarely thinks of a river's end. Don't think about the end of the journey. Focus instead on the aspects of the journey. You will meet people along the way that will touch your life and make it better. There are plenty of fish in the river, after all.

The river is a mystery. Through its changes, you never know what you will come across in the river. The same holds true for life. Not knowing what is around the corner adds to the mystery. It's a journey that may be unpredictable, but you just need to go with the flow. Enjoy the adventure.

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