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In ancient time, stories and legends were a part of folk lore. Almost every country and ethnic group has a legend about the moon, what it's made of, and its power over us in its various stages. I've read that Police Departments report that there are more crimes committed during the full moon than any other time.

"Beware of the full moon", the gypsy whispers ominously to the young girl. When the moon is full, the man is transformed into a bloodthirsty, no-conscience killer werewolf. Hollywood made famous the legend of the werewolf in 1941 when they cast Lon Chaney, Jr. in the role. Since then a number of movies based on that theme have been released in the U.S. and in other countries.

Urban Legends on the Internet

The legend comes in the form of an email and began in 1999. It says that this year will see the first full moon that occurs with winter solstice, for the first time in 133 years. It occurs with a lunar perigee when the moon orbit is closest to the earth. The moon will appear 14% larger than normal. On that night, the moon will be so bright that headlights will not be needed.

This urban legend has been circulating since 2006. It says to watch the sky on August 27. It claims that Mars will be the brightest light in the sky and it will appear that there are 2 moons in the sky.

From another website, this story can be found. It claims that the supposed landing of astronauts on the moon is all an elaborate staged hoax. 11/7/06

Jewish Legend

It is said that in the moonlight of Hoshana Rabbah, the seventh day of Sukkot, if an individual casts no shadow upon the earth, they are destined to die during the coming year.

Cherokee Legend

There was once a young woman (sun) who lived in the east. Moon, her brother lived in the west. This lovely young woman had a friend who came to court her only when there was no moon and when it was too dark for her to see his face. He always left before the light of day. She was vexed because she couldn't see his face.

She asked his identity many times, but he refused to tell her.

One night he came to visit, in the dark, just as he always did. The young woman had a plan to find out his identity. As they sat together, she reached down to the ashes in the dead campfire place. She scooped some of the ashes up in her hands.

She brought her hands to his face, in a show of concern for him. "You must be cold", she said as she gently stroked his face with her ash covered hands.

He left before daylight as he always did. But as soon as daylight arrived, she was able to identify him by the ash spots on his face. It was her brother, the moon who came to court her.

He was so ashamed that he stayed as far away from her as he could from that time on. When he does come near, he makes himself as small as possible, like a ribbon, so he can barely be seen.

Literature, nursery rhymes and jokes are written about the moon. Legends come and go. They entertain us and remind us that the moon is here to stay.

I love a full moon, myself. So what if I grow hair and act a little strange?

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