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Left Handers have Rights too

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"Left Handers have Rights too"
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In this never ending debate between the virtues of being right-handed as oppose to being left-handed, I offer a humorous look or not so humorous look (depending on your side) at the topic

It's time for the left-handers in this country to unite for some respect. I think the United States Government should declare an annual National Left-handers Day and celebrate it on a Monday.

In this age of so called greater tolerance for everything and everybody, the left-handers must step up toward the front line. We must go farther than declaring on signs that left-handers have rights too. We must inform people that we will no longer take the discrimination, jokes, puns and disregard. Just because the other side has more people, who gave them permission to rule? We want fairness and equal footing with the right-handed population. Don't try to treat us as some sort of second class right-handers who must obey your right ways. We declare those days over.

We know we are special, unique and want the world to know it. No more calling us lefty or southpaw. We don't call you righty or north paw, do we? So what if studies reveal left-handers don't live as long as right-handers? We are here to enjoy and enrich the time given us. And don't force that young child to become a right-hander. If he/she wants to eat with the left hand, write with that side or toss a ball that way, let them.

This life is tough enough folks. All we are asking for is acceptance of our left-handed ways.

Consider the left-handers plight. Reach for an everyday scissors and try to cut something with your left hand. How about sharing a computer at work and operating the mouse and the mouse pad on the right side of the keyboard? Just try and switch the mouse and the pad over to the left and endure the fury. How about a student writes their name on the top right-hand corner of the paper? Speaking of paper, why are check marks always slanted toward the right? What's wrong with a left-handed check mark? Have you ever gone into a shoe store and the clerk first measures your left foot? Why is most silverware on the right side of the plate? And why do we drive on the right side of the road? People in places such as England, New Zealand and Australia drive on the left. I think you get the picture and most occasions it is hanging on the right.

So if you are a right-handed person, call or email your local, state or federal government official and give us left-handers a little love. That is the LEFT thing to do.

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