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Law of Attraction the Secret Revealed new Age Laws Ancient Wisdom of Nature how to Attract Bond – Yes

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"Law of Attraction the Secret Revealed new Age Laws Ancient Wisdom of Nature how to Attract Bond - Yes"
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Oprah and others have told you the secret to life.  The secret to all success in life is due to the law of attraction. Focus, visualize, and recognize what you need and it will come to you.  Is the LOA, law of attraction, supported by science, or is it a silly bubble of new age thought that bursts at the first pin prick of dissection?

In Nature, there are four primary forces. They are the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and gravity.  In psuedo science there are far more forces to contend with.  Herein lies the problem when one tries to support the laws of attraction, a very complicated phrase, which itself attracts a lot of attention.

Confusion comes when there is some overlap.  We are creatures made of all these natural forces, covalent nuclear bonds hold our molecules in place, but we are also creatures that no matter how isolated from nature, have a sense that water is in us, and we are in water. Matter is in us and we are in matter, gases, and substance of every kind. Energy transfer too, is within, and beyond.

We also realize that we are no longer in the natural environment in the same way that other organisms are. We have manipulated the environment so much, and have so much abstract thought in our heads, that we do not rely on, or even feel the natural world, with our sensate abilities as we once did. Some of our abstract thoughts become real inventions, such as the rocket ship. Others become much more vague ideas, like “You reap what you sow.”

The law of attraction, sometimes called “The Secret” or Karma, or a whole host of other names, is the observation made by many that what we visualize, we can create. Oprah is perhaps the biggest name to promote this very popular idea. She is by no means its author, and the idea has been kicked around since ancient times.

The basic idea is that if we focus, concentrate, read hints of the “universe” we can learn the secret of the laws of attraction.  If we really want to write a song about a blue bird, we begin to notice blue birds around us. We find someone calls out of the “blue,” and asks about a bird. You begin to see more birds. A blue feather blows by, and so on. Eventually, the theory goes, if you visualize yourself performing your hit song on American Idol, you will somehow end up there, on stage, singing like a bird and fulfilling your ultimate destiny.

Some skeptics say this is pure magical or wishful thinking. Others point out we cannot mentally make things happen, we must take persistent efforts. Still others see no reason why both cannot occur in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that has been observed to happen. The way that placebos work is a good example.

Critical thinking skills always require us to be doubtful about dubious claims. They also call for us to be open minded. Einstein said gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. Could Einstein have gotten this one wrong? Could laws of attraction be so universal that our pheromones and genetic programming, as well as our thoughts, do influence who attracts whom?

My guess is that we all are wanting to belong, and be right. Scientists, if they seem too cold and skeptical, are just doing their jobs. But as humans, even scientists are biased. New age fluff heads do not help when they confuse vibrational fields and quantam physics with silly ideas about past life auras and aliens.

In our wanting to be validated we close our minds off to one another. We deny that some thoughts do in fact become materialized in the real world. We need to study nature. If there is an intelligence, creator, nature, that made all things connected, one to another, this is the actual law of attraction.

Nature’s real laws do show an enormous amount of evidence for some laws of attraction to be obvious. That all things tend toward “being” does not have to be a discredited new age thought. It may not be a perfect universe. Yet, life cycles on, even toward extinction, but overall, it is the most perfect, powerful, and pulling, tugging, and connecting universe we know about.  Why not follow our attractions to connect and appreciate all atoms we share, and all ideas we can conceive of in our busy, clever monkey minds?

That all things are connected and that we ignore these connections to our great loss and peril is also evident.  We sought, as soon as we found ourselves thinking, to find ways in which our superior minds could justify exploitation, garbage and war against “others”, and over all the creation.  The New Earth, a book by Eckhart Tolle, tells us we belong, and our new earth is the mental and physical manifestation of not just our science, but our emotional, mental, and spiritual thoughts as well. An awakening in consciousness worldwide is attracting all to the creation of a New Earth.

It sounds just wonderful enough that many will believe because we need to believe. And this worries some.

You may not be comfortable thanking the tree for her shade, or the bird for his song, but you must examine where these ideas of arrogant superiority came from. In the same way we must examine where the ideas of magical thinking came from, and why we are not open to realizing we too are just more organisms “Being”.  Maybe being is greatly influenced indeed by laws of attraction and we could be being more connected to one another and more cooperative and sharing of our thoughts and talents.

Einstein’s most revered quote is that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  In the case of the laws of attraction, we must pursue the science, remain skeptical, but courageous. We must imagine LOA as much as we investigate those laws in all forms.

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