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The best way to define evolution - "a fairy tale for adults." The best evidence that evolutionists use to support their claims is the fragmented skulls that were eventually collected and pieced together, comparing its design with that of the bone structure in the human body. The skulls were the remains gathered by archeologists and researchers who estimated, approximately 6,500 ape species, all different, and discovered that the majority of them were extinct. However, the skulls constituted a great resource for evolutionists to support their fantasy theories. In arranging the skulls of all the different ape species, scientists also added the skulls of vanished human races to the series, from which evolutionists concocted the entire scenario of human evolution.

The most important role of this scenario is given to the first Australopithecus fossil, found in 1924. Evolutionists claimed that the fossil was that of a man-like creature. However, when the Australopithecus was compared to the Chimpanzee, it was seen that there was no major difference. In spite of this fact, fanatical evolutionists hypothesized that "Australopithecus walked upright, on 2 feet, different from other apes," and it was accepted on faith that Australopithecus advanced as the ancestor of man. It was later refuted, and other scientists who challenged that theory concluded that the Australopithecus was merely an extinct ape species.

They have gone so far as to categorize the fossils under imaginary classifications, such as 1. Homo erectus; 2. Homo ergaster; 3. Homo floresiensis; 4. Homo antecessor, which opened the door to flawed logic in the study of sexual behavior in animals, and which eventually gave way to the belief that homosexuality was a significant trait in animals that indicated a homosexual gene. As a result, scientists began searching for a homosexual gene in humans to see if it was true that some people were born gay, thus, having inherited a homosexual gene. That, too, was also refuted.

After all was said and done, the fanatics went at it again, by imposing their claims on evolution to the public by imaginary drawings, which was later discovered by intelligent scholars as no more than beautiful works of art, created by indoctrinal evolutionist theory. Those drawings were images of overtone, decked-out creatures that were supposedly half man and half ape that did live once. In order to make the theory convincing, the drawings presented snap shots of the social life. Even imaginary family tree drawings can be found in some of the most famous science publication articles, to engrave the evolution theory on the subconscious of society. Their imaginative power worked its way into Hollywood, remember 'Planet Of The Apes." Also, it is important to note that hair, skin and other facial features can't be determined by bone remains. All of the theories are pure deception. Their workshops are full of models that were put together with soft tissue-another great length to support their claims. It would be wise to say that evolutionists have made idols to replace the belief in God, and the belief that he created all things, modern day idols to be precise.

The most famous of these frauds was the Piltdown fossil, introduced in England in 1912. It was supposedly the most important transition between ape and man. It was later discovered in 1949 that it was a forgery by which evolutionist Charles Dawson, attached an orangutan's jaw to a human skull. The Piltdown case is a strong example of how racial, nationalist, and gendered discourses shaped some science at this time, just as it shaped society more generally. Knowing this makes me question secular science sources, as to the authorities and claims by the people who presented them, and if scientists in the secular world really do have an agenda to indoctrinate. Speaking for myself, creation stands out as the most persuasive evidence of the universe and mankind. So far, scientists have failed to provide evidence for their claims. I plea the 1st, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

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