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We all have a right to be who we are!

I am endowed with an immensely deep and resonant voice and have thus , fortunately, escaped the effeminate squeaks so common among southern African men.
However, at times it seems rather an imprecation, than a blessing.
As much fun as it is in terrifying the conceited and at times, unsuspecting, the singularity and uniqueness of my voice is, more often than not, treated as a freak show.
The result is often an attempt by some buffoon to imitate my voice.
They inevitably end up sounding like a geriatric with a terminal case of emphysema, or a Bull-Frog in its death throes!
Why is it so important to some to embarrass or ridicule uncommon traits, talents or any other peculiarities inherent in others? Why, insecurity of course; Unadulterated fear and, Jealousy, the old Green-Eyed Monster.

Be that as it may, the recipient and victim of abuse often ignores it and moves on, only too glad to leave ignorance behind.
But, what if these individuals were not as accommodating or magnanimous in their response?
What if they decided to retaliate and rebuke their aggressors? More often than not, those who deride others are often not exactly prepossessing themselves, or even endowed with a jot of talent, intellect or common sense.
Would mayhem ensue if the "victim" were to turn round and comment on, for instance, his antagonist's bald pate, or the hideous visage that apparently constitutes a face?
Would the antagonist be irritated with a reference to his or her ever-growing gluteus maximus, or the mounds of amorphous flesh slowly, but ever so surely, engulfing its host?
Would an acerbic little comment on the gargantuan dimensions of an over-ripe proboscis elicit an angry response? Of course it would!

Well! Do not retreat! Do not give ground! Treat those as they would you.
Comment quite liberally, garrulously and loudly on their failings, and their deformities.
Make sure they understand that other folk may actually find their particular ailments an abhorrent eyesore.
Comment effusively on what you deem to be their achille's heel.
One does not need to be intimate with an adversary to bring to light their iniquities.
The human body is imperfection personified!

Is it not wonderful that we live in a world immersed in imperfections.
Not a single person venturing out their front door can seriously attest to being "perfect".
No amount of plastic-surgery can dissemble all their external imperfections.
So, when assailed by the opinions of the intellectually- perplexed, go forth and wreak havoc!
All the make-up, earrings, lipstick, mascara, wigs or any other of the plethora of disguises that abound, will not protect the very weakness they wish to hide, nor the very fear they wish to dispel.
Do not let decorum, nor pity hold you back. Let rip! Prepare to spew forth bitter invective: Pour forth your scorn and rejoice!

If you should falter, steady yourself, and think of all those poor folk who have lived liFe in perpetual fear and the slough of despond.
Think of all the self-styled "beautiful people", and all the fallacies and lies they generate.
Think of The endless magazine aficionados and the so-called "haute Couture" who are normally as ugly as sin;
the emaciated models desperately trying to keep pace with nebulous social standards;
the actors who are normally adrift in an ocean of drug-induced delusions, or fighting tooth and nail over a child probably not theirs, butOh, the publicity!

Cast your mind over the wrecks of society, take in the reality of who they are, and desist from judging your values in accordance with theirs. They imbue not a whit of perfection but rather the opposite. Like you and I, they are not perfect or sublime in any way.
They are not the personification of superlatives.
Their imperfections abound, but they take great pains in dissembling and cloaking them, and reflecting their scorn upon the real people of the world - us!

Well! Stop hiding behind a wall of decorum and political correctness.
Begin to assert your opinions, opine your rights and values, and most of all stop being a victim of magazines, newspapers, television, Hollywood, fashion, the demi-mondes of the political world, or the rest of the fear-soaked masses.
Take pride in yourself, bask in the effulgent glow of a unique being, namely you!
Embrace your imperfections, for you are no different from hoi polloi , the thronging masses.
It is those very imperfections and marks of character, that determine and set us apart.
why would a person wish to be one and the same, when they can be differentspecial!

Oh, and when you assert your opinions and expostulate your views; embark on a satisfying diatribe or criticize those quick to judge, it is always good to have something heavy to handjust in case!
But most importantly remember - We all have a right to be who we are!

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