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Depends you know? If you think all your decisions are based on social behavior then none of your decisions are based on an inner world. If you think all your decisions are based on character then none of your decisions are based on how they may affect the social context around you. Jesus said whoever follows him will be hated by many.

Social behavior is based on advancement and ambition, of the individual and the group. There is a leader and everyone in the group is a part of it for complex reasons. The leader is there to guarantee that things stay in order and everything happening is good for the group. There may be social ethics and morals but they have little to do with the individual.

On the other hand there are decisions of character which have nothing to do with what other people think. They are made from the standpoint of an individual with a strong inner world that influences what is around him. If that inner world wishes to stay around this individual it will support and help grow these types of decisions. If not, the individual capable of making decisions of characters will undoubtedly cut counter influences free. The only way to salvation is to be a person capable of making decisions of character.

To infer that all the decisions we make are based on social behavior only encompasses the physical nature of human. At the core the only thing that is group based is propogation of family lines. Advancement and material comfort are necessary for this. There are many other things that people may manafest as social behaviour, but they are just outlets of frustrated family obsessed types. Or they may be hobbies of people who are not aware of their souls who only feel the sexual drive. Social status really has no other cause but to make a nice family based on current societies' vision of beauty and strength. Picture a stereotypical jawline and breast line, that's what social behavior is based on, but nevertheless is part of our behavior. So instead of debating between whether or not, I am going to change this into a question of strength.

If you are aware of your soul, you may understand that in truth we exist above the physical urges. That in fact we are enslaved by them to one degree or another. Thoughts are physical urges until you can discern between what is from God and what is not. FIrst you must be distinctly aware of what your motives in life are. If you are with Christ you are able to see two different levels of life. The first level is the earthly life we understand how to live. Growing up in today's society it rather materialistic and sexual based. Why do you think women wear such tight shirts all the time? I suppose beauty has always been a decision factor, but today the body is especially featured. Lust is heavily entreched into our society. I live in Reno, Nevada and there is a strip club one block away from our new baseball stadium. If you are with Christ though you can still see the beauty of life and appreciate it . It much easire to truly enjoy it and feel the joy God means for us. Wisdom is there to light our vision and let God into our minds. All the senses are there to serve the individual rather than capture and addict him. Feel me now? Even language is their to hold us back a bit. If you understand what to look for you will know what to let in your decisions and what to rebuke.

A person that is entirely in a group may have somewhat of an insulated and comfortable world. This individual will have comfort and still be able to make decisions based on their personal character, but they may have to let some things pass depending on where in the group they are. So nothing is really dependent on character or social behavior. Social behavior is the outermost superficial thing and character is deeper but still swims with social behavior. What is the truth of the core of a person is strength and weakness. Strength is the ability to control one's senses and behavior in order to propogate one's love. Love and physical pleasure are totally seperate things keep that straight in your mind. Social behavior is almost entirely at it's core meant to gain physical pleasure and abundance. Character hopefully is there to guide the individual's love or guided by it, but may get infected by social gain.

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