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Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial

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"Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial"
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My dad used to have a saying-listen to what the weather forecaster has to say, and
then figure on the opposite. That was several years ago and was kind of a family
joke. We just kind of accepted whatever happened. Now, all over the world our
weather forecasting computer models are failing, which leads to the subject of
weather manipulation. Back in 2005, the issue of weather manipulation was a popular
subject but not heavy in its implications. Today, with all the latest technology
available in the world, it is an entirely different matter.

Weather manipulation goes back a long ways to cloud seeding, which is simply an
attempt to change the weather usually to bring rain into a drought region, removing
rain from a flooded area, or suppressing hail. Technically weather manipulation or
cloud seeding is "an effort of man to change naturally occurring weather, for the
benefit of someone." It was begun in 1924 with Professor Emory Leon at Harvard
University. He is known to have scientifically dispensed charged sand from an
airplane to attempt weather modification (James E. McDonald, "An Historical Note on
an Early Cloud-Modification Experiment," Bulletin of the American Meteorological
Society, Vol. 42, p. 195, March 1961). But due to the lack of money, the project
never actually got off the ground which prevented our society from benefiting from
the idea at that time.

Weather manipulation is a subject that our military and government have wanted to
control for quite awhile for wars, space travel, etc. With this in mind, it is no
wonder that scientist Tom Bearden says, "extensive weather engineering and control
has been very active all over the U.S. for some time" (Conspiracy Nation, 7/27/2003,
"NASA Investigates Itself". Web online at
And believe me, when one country has their hands in the pie, everyone does! And
China is ahead of the pack on this one.

About a year ago, over 37,000 peasants were hired by the Chinese government to help
produce rain in China's dry and parched areas. Shooting shells at passing clouds
above them, these men used a 37 mm anti-aircraft gun to successfully accomplish what
the earlier cloud seeders attempted to do with their airplanes. They watered their
country's crops, they destroyed forest fires, and broke up hailstorms which damaged
lots of land and property. And oddly enough, when a gigantic hailstorm pelted their
capital with sand, they shot their shells and rockets toward the sky and
successfully coaxed coming rains to wash the storm's sand and grit from the city's

The young rainmaker's next project? To make sure their country stays dry for the
opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This is being accomplished by
working with their meteorologists to watch the radar in the capital. Silver-ioxide
will be sent into pregnant rain clouds, preventing any moisture from falling onto
the lighting of the Olympic flame and upon the proud athletes at China's new
National Stadium. And NASA themselves are beginning to step-up to the plate
regarding weather manipulation, with NASA researchers sending different types of
radars into "unusual thunderstorms in the tropics." Referred to as unique full body
scans, what has developed is a demonstration of the inner workings of storm clouds
in an outside classroom, so to speak. Step one of many for NASA in the coming

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