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Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial

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"Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial"
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The year is 2015. Before attending to my agricultural duties of the day, I consult my computer. Opening the weather page, I pull up the Satellite forecast for my Region.

Suddenly a smooth computerized feminine voice springs forth into the room.
"The weather for your area is dry and 33* degrees. There is no precipitation foreseeable within the next six months."

"Damn!", I yell to a humid, empty room.
"Why must these bits of bytes, bite me in the bum, with such an amiable voice?"

Pulling up my Councils Tag, I check for the available credits in my water account.
"You have no available credits.", the computer informs me.
Depression sinks in. The bits of bytes, now form a large black hole.

Bad news (such as this) is common in Australia. Most farmers would love to be able to manipulate the weather. However, nothing is sure in the weather game. So, even the absurd is not discounted. And rightly so, when livelihoods are threatened.

Yet, even if Farmers could control the weather ... would they? Most people on the land (outside of hobby farmers) have a knowledge of the land built up over generations.

They hear the dry land crying out for water! They too, die a little each day, with the land. The land to them is family! Manipulate the weather? I think they would! Even though they know better, sadly modern times have forced them to become business persons.

Most children learn of Photosynthesis in school. The natural process where plants use the energy of the sun, to synthesize carbohydrates from carbon-dioxide, and water. The natural by-product of which is oxygen.

So if plants filter our air of impurities, producing pure oxygen, why do we continue to slaughter our single celled friends. By the slaughter Of our Flora and Fauna the filtration of our air has been massively reduced.

By mining Minerals, Corporations throughout the world, emit Carbon-dioxide. Without plants to filter these emissions, the problem becomes compounded. The result, smog!

Smog blocks light from the sun, reducing the efficiency of the plants to synthesize carbon-dioxide. The excess emissions, rest silently in the air we breathe. The effect of which, is deadlier than being a chain smoker.

It is my belief that Corporations should be manipulated into restoring our lands. I believe, the World's Leaders should try to make it financially beneficial for them to do so.

This I surmise, would slowly and naturally bring our weather back to it's natural state. Our lands are precious for a reason, to sustain our Carbon-based life and, our world.

I do not think the answer is to manipulate the weather. Haven't we learned our lesson through the destruction, (or manipulation) of our land?
If we are to manipulate something, we should look towards the Corporate World. They should be held accountable for their crimes.

Rebuilding the natural World they have raped is the only natural answer.Weather manipulation will only cause problems as yet unseen and, (in all probability) have a devastating effect.

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