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Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial

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"Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial"
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Is weather manipulation beneficial? First question that should be asked is "Is it possible?". Weather manipulation could certainly be a great beneficiary to a certain degree. We would have to determine to what degree could the weather be manipulated. Second, we would have to determine the possible uses of weather manipulation besides in just keeping lakes at level and droughts at bay.
Weather manipulation would be a great asset considering the amount of wild fires that consumes a mass amount of our forest a year. It would certainly help in the agricultural regions during droughts and help account for many regions that rely on their lakes to help fund their community. But with a great power becomes a even greater responsibility. Our we sure that this effort to subdue some of natures fury will alternate and become some catastrophic weapon of mass destruction. By theory with weather manipulation you will be able to manipulate certain weather conditions that could cause sever thunderstorms producing tornadoes, hail ,and even hurricanes. With this power you would be easily to manipulate this conditions or even target them in certain regions. Weather manipulation could over all be a major asset for this country, but we have to look at the whole picture. All in all this is would be a great assets on an scientific scale of greatness. Except that the weight of the bad will out weigh the good.

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