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What are you time? The nothingness that masses from one even after another? Are you infinite? I have yet to decide if you are infinite or not. you are just a concept that humans have invented. Days. Seconds. Minutes. Years. Hours. All just rulers that man measures himself against. And for what? Some greater good? I feel that you are something the should can over come. Yeas as silly as it may seems to some, I believe in a soul. And even worse I believe in God. so some say that there are two tracks. Gods path and ours, and it is out choice to align ourselves with God's path, or so it seems

Just to veer off for a moment and explain one thing: I believe free will is an illusion. It is only though the limitation of the human mind (in comparison to God who is omnipotent and omnipresent in time and space us not being such mean that only in compression are we limited if you anyone feels their imagination is not limited, than that is a choice one can make. It never stops astonish sing me hoe united all thought and live is. and trust me this will go back to the discussion of time soon) that we feel we have Free-will. Not I came to that conclusion only a few months agoI now know that there is a theory called Christian-existentialism, which preaches the same thing now for the time part: I don't remember what happened first. Did I come to this "original" idea on my own? OR did I read about Christian-existentialism earlier than come this conclusion, which is only a reremembering of Christian-existentialism?

You see the mind can manipulate time quite well. we can convince our selves if the past. With enough training we can create new lives. I can be a king. I and go into space, for there is no definite proof to tell me other wise. This is how a minute can seem hours long, or a life can flash by in a moment
But then there is the next level or at least I feel there to be a "next level": Social/Earth/"Real" time. Time experience by a group is somewhat definite. A minute is only a minute when ever one says so. But even still, if the group travels fast enough, or has enough gravity time can be warped, stretched and elongated. But it can not be turned back, at least not yet. mathematically yes we can go back in time, but math is only "concrete" for humans... show a deer Pascal's triangle and it's application and I don't think it will be very amazed, not I think it would like a sugar cube better or are those horses?
Now there's God's or celestial or nature's time. This is where time is infinite, and thusly it is nonexistent. If we lived forever then we would never worry. We would at best have moments. And that is what we would remember. I was once told "a great man remembers moments not dates." Or at least something along the lines of that and the more I think about it we are more and more compelled not to view live as moments, but as deadlines. SAT's are March 3. Placement testing is May 10th. I have project due on April 9th. We have four minutes to get to our next class. Each class is 45 minutes, give or take. There are 60 seconds in a minute and the same number of minutes in an hour.
Does Man need these measures? Can we not live from our birth to our death/birth (I have yet to feel death is an end), instead of from April 20, 1889 to April 30, 1945? I'll finish this at another time

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