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The existence of all mankind has evolved through the first words of the book of Genesis,"In the beginning"! God started the measurement of time and on the first day he created the Heavens and the Earth. Since the beginning man has measured time but not exactly like God's time. A day for God could have been a million years, a hour a hundred thousand years and a minute hundreds of years. Man has little understanding about God's time table.

The concept of time differs from Gods concept of time and that makes time relative but for man to make time real for himself, he set up the measurements according to the span of day and night and adjusted it down to the second of a minute to the hour. A interesting process that has given man a timetable for his life. Yet it remains relative because man doesn't know exactly at what time his life here on Earth will expire.

The fact if time is real or relative is not for man to understand. Man's conception of time would have had to be compared to a superior time measurement structure. One that is not of this Earth but can be found in the survey of the heaven's stars and solar system. God said that he was the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The fact that man implemented time for measurement here on Earth was to track the celestial seasons of ones existence.

Time is measurement and that makes it relative to all standards of time and measurement. Where would we be with out the measurement of time? We would know nothing about the movement of the stars in our solar system. We would be unknowledgable of of how we interface in the Universe with time and relativity. That is why God separated the day from the night! God sensed that man could not function with out the measurement of time. The reason was to
rest the human mind with separation. The concept of time on our world keeps us sane and clear thinking. Time provides us focus!

The great minds of Earth have been baffled by trying to prove how God created the Heavens and the Earth in seven days. He really created the Heavens and Earth in six days, on the seventh he rested. Yet we learn something new about our planet every day of our existence. That the Earth is billions of years old and there were animals that roamed our planet long before man evolved into the picture. Man bases his timetable on events that happened in the Bible. Through it's writings man has tried to establish a correct time table that includes historical and documentation of world events. If it were not for the measurement of time, we would still be living in caves and technology would be non-existent. The search for our very being depends on how we perceive time. If time does not exist, then how do we explain our own existence?

What ever we choose to believe about time can be debated either way. Time has a purpose for us all and if it makes anyone feel better to deny that time does not exist, just believe what you will because time waits on no one. Real or relative!

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