Is there any Evidence of UFO Sightings by Astronauts

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"Is there any Evidence of UFO Sightings by Astronauts"
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If anyone has seen a UFO it would be an astronaut. They travel deep into space and stare out into the great unknown. They study space and all its wonders. Recently more astronauts are willing to talk about their sightings while in space. All of these men are respectable figures to all Americans, including the government.

Major Gordon Cooper
Cooper was one of the original Mercury astronauts. He was also the last American to fly into space alone. In 1963 he had gone into space for a 22 orbit adventure. The trip went very well. On his final orbit Cooper was recorded saying that he had seen a strange glowing light approaching at a very fast speed. The radars back on Earth were even able to pick it up, proving that it was solid and real. He even went as far as testifying that he had observed UFO's before, even on Earth.

Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
There is a lot of spoof over what Armstrong and Aldrin really witnessed on Apollo 11. There are a few who believe they were met on the moon by aliens, but that is a hoax. They may not have met any aliens, but prior to landing on the moon they did get a good look at one. Outside their window they could see a glowing object. It was too far away to make it out, but they were able to take pictures. They had to be very careful how they communication to the base. They realized that a lot of people were listening in. They were however able to express what they saw. The two watched the glowing light for hours when finally they went to sleep.

Donald Slayton
Slayton admits to having seen an alien space craft in 1951. On a nice bright day he was flying in a jet. He saw something up ahead that resembled a disc. As he tracked it down, the disc took off and disappeared.

James Lovell and Frank Borman
These two Gemini Astronauts were on their second orbit in 1965 when they witnessed an unidentified space craft. Mission control insisted that it was their boosters, but the astronauts could see the booster. There was something else, and they believed it to be a UFO.

Joseph Walker
Walker was a test pilot for NASA. He claims that one of his jobs was to detect UFO activity. He was given cameras and has taken several pictures of actual UFO's. These pictures have never been released to the public.

Ed White
White was the first American to walk in space. He claims that while traveling in the Gemini he and James McDivitt witnessed a weird looking metallic object with arms coming out of it. The object was photographed, but those pictures were never released.

The astronauts continuously come forward with their stories. Many never wanted to discuss it before in fear of embarrassment and ridicule. Today it is a different story. Many people want to hear the truth from the respectable men that we have come to adore and admire. I believe many when they tell their stories. Much of what they saw is still a mystery to many people. Perhaps in time more people will come forward and shed some more light onto this dim picture.

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