Is there any Evidence of UFO Sightings by Astronauts

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"Is there any Evidence of UFO Sightings by Astronauts"
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ASTRONAUTS SEE UFO SIGHTINGS, MORE THEN REALIZED!Yes many time astronauts see UFO's when in outer space. However,does this mean that the UFO was from another planet, solar-system or galaxy having a extra-terrestrial origin?Or could it be that the astronauts are seeing something else as well?Yes UFOs are seen many times. However, it may be safe to say that about 98% of all UFOs seen just directly above the boundaries of earth's atmosphere are simply what's known as "Space-Junk/Debris'.Left from previous space rockets separating themselves just above earth's atmosphere. Since the space program with NASA began almost 50 years ago with President John F. Kennedy, this space debris collects more and more in the upper part of earth's atmosphere. Which is primarily, the beginning of outer space.As far as anyone here on earth is concerned.

But, how about the other 2% of the UFOs that are seen by astronauts?Believe it or not there are some strange photos of in about 1963 and 1965 Astronaut Alan Shepard was allegedly stating to have seen a UFO while in space.In addition to this in approximately 1982 NASA made comments about some sort of UFO that was supposed to have come down in a town in Minnesota.A well known Ufologist filed a lawsuit against NASA allegedly under the Freedom Information Act to make such records available and won her case in Federal court recently.

Furthermore,more supposed UFO boogies as they were called during WWII and the late 1940's also seem to have derived in appearances of early astronauts also seeing UFOs in the early years of such things.Matter of fact,one of the Space Shuttle missions one astronaut was also allegedly to have seen a UFO below the shuttle. Just prior to it's descent back into earth's atmosphere.The problem with any UFO seen on earth,is that usually the UFO is moving at a high rate of speed.The photos a lot of times come out blurry, fuzzy, and it cannot be determined what the UFO really is.However,the author to this article is also an inventor.I recently have invented a new imaging system that can clear up some of these "inconclusive photos".I own one and will soon be posting that enhanced cleared up photo on this website. We will see just what the UFO looks like in Part II of this artcile series.In Part#III, that article will take the new enhanced photo and we will see, if one of these UFOs seen in the upper atmosphere of earth is a piece of space debris,or maybe a true UFO from another civilization visiting our planet.

Another example of this that can be referred to are images we get from MARS.Spirit and Rover keep picking up images on rocks that seem to repeatedly resemble alien life forms of some sort. NASA may allegedly be aware of this. However, they also may not. You may say:" How can that be man, you have got to be wrong"..? Or is this author wrong?Or am I right?Supposedly, I'm right. How..?Because the missions of Spirit rovers etc. on MARS are primarily designed to look for:"Biological-Life".They are not predisposition-ed to look for "intelligent forms of life, or communication".

Therefore,for instance SE-TI-(Search for Extra-Terrestrial-Intelligence) for over 30 years now has been sending out "radio-frequency beams" into space. Hoping that some sort of "alien intelligent civilization" will communicate to mankind. However, could there be some other sort of communicative form that possible "alien life forms" are using to try to communicate with mankind not thought of before...?

There is the possibility that "pictographs"-(picture writing scenes) would be the simplest form of communication. In other words, why in the world would any highly far, far, advanced intelligent alien civilization communicate with us on a "radio-signal level" which may be a form of communication they have is far superior then what we send into space, when mankind has not even tried to communicate in the simplest form of writing to us as we know it"? If aliens have left us pictures, in order to communicate with us on the simplest levels and we ignore these, why should they communicate with mankind in a higher form of communication? It does not make sense, nor is it logical.

There may be evidence already available that you yet as the readers of this article are not even aware of that possible intelligent life forms are communicating in first pictographs with mankind. DO YOU WANT THE PROOF?Then all you have to do is get ready for Part II-III to this article that will show some possible photos of UFOs that may have been able to have been seen by some of our astronauts.So please be prepared for whatever you see in Part-II-III. Plus, the next two articles will have even higher levels of anticipation.However, in the event you would like to see other formidable evidence in these areas please e-mail me at-([email protected]) or ([email protected]).

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