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Is the Human Race Evolving or Devolving – Evolving

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"Is the Human Race Evolving or Devolving - Evolving"
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We have been through so much. We set records, changed everything. We discovered many pieces that make up the big Truth about life. What about our evolution? The theory that the human race is devolving is simply invalid. In scientific means, there is always change in the genes of population and even change is happening silently without you knowing it. That's evolution. We can never devolve. I am not certainly sure that there's a limit to human evolution. If there is a stop to our evolution, then we are no longer at the top of the food chain and maybe a new generation of species will try and take over. However research has been done and discovered that we are evolving at a fast rate and separating from each other. This separation process has been ongoing for the past 10,000 years. Genes in Europe, Asia, and Africa are evolving fast and they are unique to each other. We are getting less alike. The people of today are not the same as the people who lived in the middle ages or during Moses or Jesus time. When the question "Is the Human race evolving or not"? asked, answers will vary differently. For example: Our arms, limbs, legs, and even our internal organs will change in the future. But we are not getting any better from this gradual slow change and we are not getting worse. We are adapting to new environments which makes us think differently and besides biological evolution, there is technological evolution. Biological evolution is of course slower but morphing them both would give us an edge in evolution. I think it is very absurd to think that we stopped evolving. New generations bring on new things along. But not to get you confused, there is always the theories. There is the Founder's effect and it goes like this: Let's say that in the year 2025 a crew of 100 scientists went on a research trip to a lunar base. While they were en route a nuclear war or a super virus wiped out the entire population of Earth. Upon their return the entire gene pool would be made up of scientists. Following a stereotype, we could expect to see the human race increase in its average intelligence and most likely decrease in its capacity for physical prowess. However, I think we are in control in our way of change. Natural Selection won't be working anymore. We are killing 30,000 species each year (marine included). So maybe it is possible that at some point, we will the only species left. But also our natural curiosity that drive our need for change. Finally, I know one thing that we cannot comprehend: the future. Some people think that the state of humans right now is the "real deal" and it is as good as it gets(For more info go to I don't believe this theory because people like me believe in potential. This tenacious potential has led us to defy natural expectation. In other words, we don't have to go through Nature's process of natural selection. We can be in charge of ourselves.

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