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Is the Human Race Evolving or Devolving – Devolving

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"Is the Human Race Evolving or Devolving - Devolving"
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The human race is devolving, even if the majority of the population would like to think that we are indeed making progress along the evolutionary time line. That's not to say that we aren't making progress our technology is becoming more advanced at an almost alarmingly exponential rate, we are discovering myriads of new diseases and ways to fight them each year, and we are pioneering the business of many industries that humans have built up on decades of trading but we are not evolving as a species.

When an organism evolves, its body goes through a series of changes over time that somehow improves the offspring of that species. And yes, human beings have evolved from apes and other primates, so we definitely evolved. We have opposable thumbs, grasping fingers, sturdy backbones, large brains, filed teeth, and thin hairs all over our bodies, which have helped us to adapt and survive in new environments for countless generations. However, we have reached a turning point. Our species is not improving, or evolving, but we find that our offspring are becoming more and more afflicted and their lives are becoming increasingly difficult as we progress into the future.

Crack-addicted babies. Down Syndrome. Siamese twins. These and other birth defects are prime examples of how the human species is degenerating. Because of our industrial techniques, men and women are exposed to harmful chemical materials almost each and every day, which can cause problems in birth. In addition to that, our world's infatuation with unhealthy habits also plagues the lives of our newborn. Smoking kills the lungs and also harms unborn children, causing them to be born unhealthy. Alcohol has a similar effect, but usually resulting in severe brain damage before birth, which can impair developmental skills and the pituitary gland. Over-eating can result in babies being born with literally too much weight for their hearts to handle. Other drugs such as crack, heroin, and others can leave babies addicted before they are even born, which will seriously hurt their lives few crack-addicted babies can survive, even with present medical conditions.

Not only are our children being born into more dangerous times without proper means of adaptation, but current habits that humans exercise and much of our way of life is a further example of our devolution. People have found that walking is suddenly a waste of time, and that we must use machines to do it for us it started with cars, then moving sidewalks, and now some people who are simply overweight can now be prescribed wheelchairs to do this "tedious" task for them. We now have machines that will do everything from making coffee to walking our dogs. The human race is becoming lazy, especially because of the many great strides we have taken in the field of technology. Brilliant minds are being put to waste instead of figuring out a developmental plan for Third World Countries, we have businessmen and executives holed-up in office towers plotting their takeover of a rival company by manufacturing a product that so many people will buy, that they will raise enough money to buy their adversaries out of business. Workers aren't very concerned with manual labor, either, even simple mathematics I have seen people whip out calculators for simple addition problems just because they feel too lazy to do the work in their head.

Our species has evolved by using our brains, that's how we got to where we are today. That is what set us apart from other animals our ability to communicate with each other and create. In addition to plain laziness, many humans have somehow lost interest in creation, and are not capable of coming up with new ideas due to the grossly excessive amount of television that the human race watches. How many films of today are remakes? How popular is Broadway anymore after all, it doesn't have digital editing that can cover-up for bad acting skills, so actors actually have to put effort into learning their lines and assuming their characters now that the film industry, full of all its money-powered and half-baked ideas reaches all around the world? Humans do not exercise their brains properly, or very much at all, so how can we expect to evolve?

A lot of our society has simply become a joke. People are becoming paid to do stunts on television such as sitting in a bathtub with a multitude of scorpions. The Wing Bowl, a competition in which men and women see how many chicken wings they can eat in a certain amount of time, is seen more than the Americans' Presidential Address. In fact, more people in America watched American Idol in 2004 than voted for the next President but America isn't the only country with problems. As television knock-offs become popular in other countries and McDonald's spreads, humans everywhere are becoming negatively influenced by a twisted sense of culture. Since when does someone go to Paris to dine at McDonald's? We have people everywhere squabbling over national borders and war policy. This is not an example of advanced culture people are becoming stubborn and ignorant and refusing to accept the views of other nations.

We have universities all over the world that are meant to be knowledge bases, and places where men and women can learn. Then, there are some top-notch colleges that take only the brightest students oh yeah, and most famous and richest. Many people, such as America's George Bush, get into schools with mediocre grades because of their family backgrounds. But the problem then extends into the workforce and political system Bush got barely average grades at Yale, and was elected as the States' President in the year 2000. Our society is valuing individuals less and less, and taking legacy and history into account to overshadow individual achievement.

Yes, as our world becomes corrupt from drugs, bad movies, television, money, and even technology, we are devolving. It will be nearly impossible to reverse, as that would require humanity to do the one thing it has been hiding from for the past few decades work.

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