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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – Yes

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - Yes"
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To travel in space, outside the bounds of Earth, is nothing more than madness at this time. The technology of today clearly does not protect the people within our spacecraft.

Radiation is a killer. At the very beginning of space exploration it was a fact that N.A.S.A. knew that the life expectancy of its astronauts would be reduced, but there were many applicants because those people wanted fame and fortune. Yes, that is exactly what most of them got, but take a good look at those people. To me, many of them sure do not to appear to be healthy, and two of the people, who I know of, died from cancer.

Gamma radiation can come from any part of our Universe. It can travel billions of miles from an event known as a super nova. That event can occur many years ago and it can instantly cook a person before that person is aware of the danger. Radiation is also the reason why bone loss happens to every person who is beyond the protection of the magnetic field that protects our Earth.

There is no gravity in space and that is also a cause of bone loss, and that is why people can't remain in space for more than a year and still be able to recover from its effects. As a matter of fact, some people didn't fully recover. Call N.A.S.A. and ask them who those people are that could, in fact, die at any time.

Then again, we have not discovered other planets that can support Human Beings. Yes, there is a good chance that we might never find such a plant that a person can travel to within the normal life span of a Human Being. So, what real good is it to try to get to planets within our own Solar System? Well, if we find natural resources in those planets and/or moons, and if we are able to transport those resources to our planet at a reasonable cost, then such travel and mining might be worthwhile for Humanity.

Just between you and me, Dear Reader, those are too many ifs and mights to suit me and also sell me on the idea that any kind of space travel beyond the magnetic field of Earth is a safe and worthwhile reason for the continued spending of hundreds of billions of dollars of the taxpayers' money. Sure, the money pays workers within our Country. Then again, it puts huge profits in the pockets of people who do nothing worthwhile for the majority of the people within our Country. Just think about all of the good things that our Government could do for the people if that money was spent for the improvement of the lives of our Citizens?

You see, until those above very serious problems are solved, space travel, the space station and trips to the other Planets and Moons is nothing more than a waste of time, a huge waste of our Country's resources and a needless waste of the lives of the people who desire to have their name recorded in the history books of Human evolution.

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