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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – Yes

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - Yes"
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While I think it's great that we landed a man on the Moon.I believe that unlike the Moon,
Mars is a planet that is to dangerous for humans to travel to.The fact that the same Space Department that successfully landed a man on the Moon,can't do anything other then send an empty spaceship with a camera up to Mars,should make it obvious how difficult this possible trip will be,if we attempt it.The U.S. government claims they can't find the money to provide housing for the victims of housing foreclosures and Hurricane Katrina.But they can find the cash to fund this trip.That is ridiculous!We've had close to two million housing foreclosures,we have homeless Hurricane Katrina Victims,and we have millions of unemployed Americans along of course with millions of children who do not have adequate health care.

It's obvious to me that if we simply continued to explore other planets such as the Moon,Saturn,Jupiter but cut funding for the mission to Mars out of this years Government budget,we would free up Millions possibly even Billions of Dollars for positive domestic social programs here at home.Such as jobs for the unemployed and affordable housing for the victims of foreclosures and natural disasters.So even though I'm all for space travel,I'm against going to Mars right now.I also believe that our Scientists need to do a little more research into what Mars is like,before we go there.

I think that with our Space Satellites and other equipment.A U.S. Government agency such as NASA could easily without even sending the Rover up there,study the odd occurrences on the planet Mars.For example we know that there was or appears to have previously been water on the planet Mars.And while there is no evidence of any human life on Mars,there appear to possibly be canals or even Mountains up there as well.The Moon doesn't have any water on it,because it's an empty planet.Mars is supposed to also be an empty planet,so why does
it have or previously had water on it?These are the type of weird things about Mars,I would want our Scientists to investigate before we send actual human beings up there.Into this world
we know nothing about.

Plus I also am frustrated with the fact that besides this possibly unsafe Mars expedition,the Bush administration also seems to never run out of funding for the Iraq war.To me this Mars expedition,is another example of the current administration spending money hand over fist on risky wars and risky space travel,while ignoring a risky economy,a risky nuclear situation in Iran,and a risky worldwide energy problem.This administration thinks how to land humans on Mars or how to win the war in Iraq,is more important then how to stop the evil Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from acquiring a nuclear bomb.Keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran and helping Americans who have suffered from this bad economy,should be the policy priorities of the American Government.

As the late Hip-Hop artist Tupac Shakur would say
"They got money for wars but not for the poor."

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