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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – Yes

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - Yes"
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I don`t like to come away seeming pessimistic about a manned Mars mission, but I don`t think we`re ready for it in so many ways. What many of us are afraid of is that Mars in general after this will become blaise, just like The Moon did. It may become a "flags & footprints", rather than colonization, etc..

A return to The Moon is in my opinion is a more desired scenario. Believe it or not, many people believe it would actually take less resources to travel to Mars than the Moon. This indeed has some merit. Going to Mars, one has an atmosphere to aerobrake on and/or in. There may be other factors as well, for instance, course corrections. But generally people think Mars is somehow "flashier", as it were a place to visit rather than a "boring" old, dusty moon that we have already been to, and according to some, know everything about. Nothing could be further from the truth, even in that respect. So a flashy, romantic mission to Mars is what some would prefer. And that`s really all I`m afraid it would become.

It is quite necessary in these ventures to employ what is known as redundancy. It does not occur to many that the Moon could possibly be a "fallback" if you will, to Mars. Where else would a troubled Mars mission "go", than the Moon? Many people don`t realize exactly how weak a human body will become after a Mars mission. Due to its inherent nature, a mission at the least will need to be two years long. This because of what is known as Launch Windows. Doubtfully, even "exercise", would "help". So, bodies will become used to approximately 1/3 of the Earth`s gravity. 

A Moon return would hopefully accomplish several things. As a construction platform for a Mars vehicle it is excellent. Moving around in approximately 1/6 of earth`s gravity is far easier than what`s in error, referred sometimes to as Zero G, which is apparently one of the plans in building one.

What many people don`t realize as well is that not enough of what is known as infrastructure is in "Outer Space", generally. For the possible plans to colonize Mars, far more will be needed than simply a base on the Martian surface. If nothing else, Mars colonists may actually want to take a vacation as it were. The best, and possibly only, place for this would be at this current time, the Moon. We wouldn`t want to doom them to permanent lives on Mars. Of course, it would not entirely be a vacation, The Moon would be providing a great deal of things at this point. Aluminum, for instance, is in abundance on the Lunar surface.  If Mars colonists had friends, relatives, or fans, the Moon would be one of the only places to meet in person. This since there are no plans for space stations other than the International one in  a "Mars First" scenario.

A Moon scenario would inherently require another space station due to the fact of Lunar gravity being very unstable. Doubtfully, this is very well known. Lunar orbit sometimes dips very close to the Lunar surface. This is one of the reasons more fuel than necessary is needed for the Moon. As well, in returning, there is no doubt there would be many more discoveries just waiting for us on and/or below the Lunar surface. If anything, a museum should be built to protect the mission sites. There is still the question of Lunar ice. It is is also well known there may be oxygen in Moon rocks. This does not really sound "dead", to me, as many would lead us to believe about The Moon. 

Yes, I as many would like to see humans on Mars, but build it from Lunar materials. This as well, would be good practice for Mars.

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