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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – No

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - No"
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Mankind's insatiable quest for knowledge and conquest has driven us above the clouds, where we once believed heaven was. We conquered the myth that the Earth was flat, that heaven was just above the clouds, and that the stars are actually other Suns, probably long dead by the time we see them, according to light speed travel and other equations. Traveling to Mars seems the next logical quest. But, why that direction? Why are we traveling towards our own sun, and not out of our Galaxy, and on towards possibly other habitable planets. Was Mars ever inhabited? Thats' something that travel to Mars would answer. Is it a plausible journey? Well, that depends upon why we are going there.

As a race, mankind has been dealt a deathly blow. Our Planet, Earth, is dying, and we are using her resources up, moving countless tonnes of metals, earth, water etc. around to other places on the Planet, as well as using them up, sending them into Outer Space; we are disturbing the equilibrium of the Planets' weight. At what point will the Planet have had enough, and just start to die? Is it too late already? More than likely. We should be looking for ways to save the Human Race, move enough people out of our Galaxy and into another with habitable planets, so that we can ruin them as well. Are we the cockroaches of the Universe? Using up everything until our Hosts are extinguished? It sure seems that way, doesn't it! With a few more centuries of abusing the Earth, we will need somewhere else to go. So, where to go and how to get there are the obvious questions here.

How, well that could be answered with "dry-runs" to Mars. That would give us the resources and means to continue on, and move on to another galaxy where we could populate, grow societies, forget our histories when wars ruin everything good and beautiful. Hmmm, seems we have already been down this road, doesn't it. Is traveling to Mars too dangerous? The first few times, more than likely it will be. But, we will have to "muster on" and get the job done, if we want the Human Race to survive! This is not stuff of science fiction movies and comic books, this is reality. Where do we go? Well, we get on our space ships, travel out into the voids of Space, until we find another habitable, or, who knows, an already habitated Planet.

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