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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – No

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - No"
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In all honesty, I voted no to the question, "Is space travel to the planet Mars too dangerous?" But, I don't think that's the question that should be asked.

The question that should be asked is, "Should we travel to Mars even if it is dangerous?" I think those who are a part of the Space Program will agree when I answer...We have no choice! We must make the attempt, no matter how dangerous.

There are several reasons for this. The first is simple. If we are going to continue to learn about our solar system, and the larger universe our puny planet inhabits, then we will need to send men, and women, to Mars. It is the next logical step in space exploration.

The next reason to go to Mars is that we need to find out just how humans fare in extended space travel if we are to ever go even further. Mars will be just another stepping stone in space exploration. We should be making plans, already, for traveling to the other planets that are worth setting foot on. Sending humans to Mars will help us discover much about long distance space travel, and its effects on the human body.

And the last reason we should make the attempt, no matter how dangerous, is to honor those who have died to get us to the point that space travel is at now. All the countries involved in sending humans to outer space have lost members of their programs. Members who were willing to give their lives in order to advance this most important aspect of human development. To quit now, just because more may die, is an insult to those who willingly gave their lives.

Anyone who thinks that those who VOLUNTEER for the space program do not know that what they are doing is dangerous needs to have his or her head examined. Astronauts are fully aware of the dangers that they are facing, and they willingly put their lives on the line so that humans can learn everything there is to know about our universe.

The fact of the matter is....It will always be dangerous for humans in space. There is nothing we can do that will change that. Simply put, the environment itself will kill a human very quickly. But if we let the danger stop us from the exploration, we are denying that part of the human spirit that sent ships out across and around the world simply to finally prove that the Earth is round, and not flat. It was those ships, I remind you, that discovered this continent that now houses the country who first stepped foot on the moon. Can we really, in good conscious, stop now?

So, let's send humans to Mars. If the first mission fails and the Astronauts die, mourn them. Then send more to honor their sacrifice!

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