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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – No

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - No"
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Is space travel to Mars too dangerous? Too bad I can't do this with just one word although it would be no. Is there dangers? Yes! But isn't there dangers in all journeys?

Even when we travel to work every day or when we go to the store there is dangers. With out those dangers how do we find out about things? How do we get from place to place. There is a certain amount of danger in everything that we do.

Why did we go to the moon? 1) is because it is there. 2) So we can say that we did it.

Can we do it is the next question and I say that we can. The American People can do anything they want to with the grace of God. Although in resent years we have gotten out of our can do spirit. e have went to I don't know if I can, to an I can't spirit. That has brought us down more than anything.

We have people in Washington D.C. whom tells everyone that we can' do this and we can't do that. From raising our own children to fighting a war. Things that we have done in the past we can't do any more just because of some of the wimps in the nation capitol. They know whom they are that tells us that.

Is it to dangerous to go from here to Mars not if we get the can do spirit back. Some will die some will not. Will it be worth it? May be so may be no who knows until we try.and do it.

Look we have sent probes there so why can't we send a group of people? If I did not smoke I would want to go just for fun. What is on Mars who knows? But from what the probes have told us there is nothing much but they only give us a small picture. The only to find out is to go there and have a look see.

When this nation was forming there was plenty of dangers. From hot summers to ice cold winters. Lewis and Clark went through many hardships to get to the west coast and back. The pioneers had the same hardships

John F. Kennedy had that can do spirit when he challenged us to go to the moon by the end of the 60's. We did landed on the moon in 69.

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