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Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous – No

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"Is Space Travel to the Planet Mars too Dangerous - No"
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As the old saying goes, "Never leave all your eggs in one basket." The same could be said for humanity; as a people we have been expanding to new lands and territories since the dawn of man's time. Now we have run out of room. As a race created to expand and populate we have learned the harsh reality of being cramped too tightly with one another, imagine a world crammed with an overwhelming amount of people with nowhere to go. There would be fighting and general chaos everywhere. Traveling to Mars is not only the next logical step in our road to greater and better things but is a fail safe to protect our race from extinction. Our planet is old; our resources are dwindling; our people are becoming more numerous than ever before as our technology improves. What would happen if nuclear war broke out? What about a plague? Or even an asteroid smashing into Earth; what then? Our race would die. With Mars there would be hope for humanity's future. The people of Mars could come back to Earth and recolonize it if something should happen. People could escape a nuclear war by moving their families to Mars. We need Mars to protect ourselves from these forms of a terrible fate. Anything and everything can and will be dangerous, but what is more dangerous? Taking a risk or being blissfully ignorant to reality? You decide, and hope for your sake, your families sake, that sticking to an ideology that all efforts aimed here on Earth should stay on Earth, are right. Otherwise we as a species trying survive in a universe far greater than us, will disappear before ever leaving our mark in the universe.

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