Is Political Ideology used to Manipulate the Masses – Yes

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"Is Political Ideology used to Manipulate the Masses - Yes"
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The use of Fear to Control the Masses

Political and religious ideology has been used to manipulate the mases thought out the history of time. Historically, religion has been a more powerful force than politics although politicians are certainly not opposed to using religious ideology to gain votes. It really comes down to using fear to control the masses

How both Political Parties have used Fear

The obvious issue is the use of terrorism to control. For the past 8 years the republicans have stayed in power, and decreased the rights of citizens by inducing fear in the masses of terrorism. People are willing to give up their personal rights, and the civil rights of whoever their perceived enemies are, if they think it will make them safe from terrorism. This was a very successful strategy used by the administration for the past eight years until the economy came crashing down around them, and the American people decided that safety did not include losing their jobs and homes.

The fear of the economic desaster unfolding in the last election helped politicians gain office, again using fear in the massses. This time it was the fear of the failed administration that overwhelmingly made Americans decide that new leadership may be needed to rescue the economy.

Prior to the Economic Crash

Of course, there have always been issues used by politicians to gain votes by using fear. Many voters are one issue voters. There are people who vote because they are afraid of losing their right to bear arms. Their are people who vote because they wanted to do away with abortion, and an equal number of people who vote because they are afraid the right to choose will be taken away. There are people who vote on the issue of the environment, and the fear that global warming will destroy our earth in our times.

Politicians don't care about these Issues

Lets review the record. For those of you who voted republican for the last eight years, is abortion still legal? What has changed with the right to bear arms? Do you see any real improvement in policies that will roll back the effects of global warming? The short answer to all of these questions is no. Politicians only use these fears to gain votes and manipulate the masses. If they actually did anything to act on the issues they would lose them as political playing cards. They would lose their ability to manipulate the masses.

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