Is Evolution an Outdated Theory

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"Is Evolution an Outdated Theory"
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Evolution by natural selection is by no means an outdated idea. It would be if it hadn't been changed and improved upon over the years. As much as some may abhor the idea we are apes.

A couple of definitions are in order; theory is defined as "explains scientific observations" according to dictionary.com. A fact is "a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true".

So to come up with a scientific theory as science one has to observe a fact and then the theory explains those facts. A scientific theory is the highest form of truth there is. Many would have you believe that a theory is just a guess and while that may be the colloquial meaning of the word it is not the scientific meaning of the word. So because evolution is based in the world of science we must use scientific terms when looking at it.

By their very nature theories are designed to changed and be modified as more and new facts come to life. It is these changes that ensure that evolution is not an outdated theory and remains current and perhaps more important today than ever before.

One would have to think that it is mostly religious types who would think that the theory of evolution is either outdated or non-existent. These people couldn't be more wrong and in fact evolution is not just something of the past but it continues to this day. It is as real as a broken arm is real.

Charles Darwin came up with one of the most important ideas in the history of mankind. It's more important than the theory of gravity, Laplace's Tidal Theory, Germ Theory, cell theory and any number of theories that you can think of.

We have proof of all this evolution especially among humans. There are fossils that explain the nearly the entire development of humankind. There are those who believe that within animal species there is no proof of evolution. The fact is that there are transitional fossil forms for pretty much every species except soft bodied species because they don't have bones and bones are what fossilize.

There are many people who despise the idea that we are not simply related to animals and more specifically apes but we are animals and apes and evolution shows this. We have evolved brains that are capable of so many things including explaining where we humans came from.

We all know that religious fundamentalists are doing everything they can to break down the idea of evolution but the truth will stand firm and evolution will remain the most important idea in history. At some point the religious story of creation will pass by the wayside and evolution will reign supreme as the way, the truth and the life.

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