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Evolution is not really an outdated theory. Science itself is full of mysteries. Past generations were not unable to unlock all of the mysteries of science. This generation will not be able to unlock all of the mysteries of science. One such mystery would be on how human life had originated from in the first place. From a scientific standpoint, the one scientific theory would the theory of evolution. However, this is just a theory.

But, evolution is not without its flaws as well. There are still many contradictions and flaws in that theory. However, it does not necessarily mean that evolution is an outdated theory. It simply means that more research and information is needed. However, evolution should remain taught in science classes and in schools across the world, let alone the United States.
But, the flaws and contradictions of the theories should also be pointed out. We should admit that this generation is not going to unsolved all of science's mysteries. It is highly unlikely that the next generation is going to find out all of the secrets either.

The reason we have the information we have now is through science and technological development.
Back in the past, technology was very primitive. There was no running water or plumbing. People would wipe their own butts with their bare left hands or corn cobs. The concept of toilet paper had not yet been invented. In the past, many people died of acute infectious diseases. Now, people end up dying of chronic long-term diseases.
There are numerous medicines in the world that can cure such acute diseases.

The technology to test DNA samples was not invented yet. Many people were wrongfully convicted and put to death for crimes they did not commit. When you think about it, just about everything was primitive. We had evolved mentally and technologically. Today, we have so many interesting pieces of technology such as mobile phones, video games, and everything else. Plus, there is technology that can be used to conduct scientific research.

As technology evolves, the way we can conduct scientific research and investigations will change as well. We will come up with new methods in conducting that information. Plus, we will have more tools at our disposal to research the theory of evolution. While evolution has its mysteries and unknowns, we will not solve them all in this generation. It may take maybe another ten generations to find half the answers to our questions.

Is the theory of evolution outdated? The answer would be: "Not a chance." Plus, the theory of evolution is actually "evolving." The theory evolves with new information, evidence, and technology present.

However, the theory should not be replaced by "intelligent design." There are many reasons that this theory should not be taught in schools let alone science classes. Intelligent design has its flaws and contradictions as well. However, the Religious Right usually does not like it when the theory of intelligent design is being torn apart.

But if creationists are willing to dissect the theory of evolution, the theory of intelligent design should be dissected as well. It is only fair. If they have the right to dissect and criticize the theory of evolution, then we have the right dissect and criticize the theory of intelligent design.

The most common intelligent design theory would be "Adam and Eve." There are many flaws and contradictions to Adam and Eve. Adam was created from dust. Eve came from Adam's rib. They were cast out from the Garden of Eden. They had two sons: Cain and Abel. Since Eve came from Adam's rib, it makes her his biological daughter. Cain and Abel ended up being born out of incest.

There are contradictions and flaws present. Somewhere in the Bible, it says that God does not allow incest. But, Cain and Abel were biologically products of incest.

The next contradiction is that Cain and Abel got married. Since them along with Adam and Eve were the first humans, where did their wives come from?

The third contradiction has been scientifically proven. Children born out of incest usually get birth defects and diseases. Those defects and diseases are usually fatal. This is one of the reasons that incest is illegal in most parts of the world.

The fourth and major flaw of intelligent design is that it is only present in Christianity. Those that advocate intelligent design to be taught in schools usually forget or neglect the fact that the United States is not a Christian nation. It is unknown whether or not it has been founded as a Christian nation. There is strong evidence pointing in the direction that the Founding Fathers were deists. Plus, the United States
is a melting pot of cultures. That includes customs and religions.

Teaching intelligent design in schools would be violating two things: Separation of church & state and the First Amendment. Separation of church & state means that religion does not control government politics and vice-versa. The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, the freedom to assemble, and so forth.

Actually, teaching intelligent design in schools would actually be un-American and un-patriotic.

While the most common intelligent design theory is Adam and Eve, it is only present in Christianity.
Indirectly or directly, it is promoting one brand of religion while pushing other religious faiths aside.
Plus, it is blatant disrespect towards students that do not share the same religious views of Christianity.

I was not born a Christian.
I was born and raised a Buddhist.
But, I am very happy with being a Buddhist. I probably will not be converting to another religion anytime in the rest of my life.

Those religions have their own creationism theories that are different from Adam and Eve. You either teach all creationism theories or none at all.
For that reason, intelligent design belongs in a theology class and/or a mythology class.

While Christianity is a major religion, it is not the absolute religion. Muslims have their own set of beliefs. Judaists have their own set of beliefs. Jains have their own set of beliefs. Wiccans have their own set of beliefs. Confucians have their own set of beliefs. Shintoists have their own set of beliefs. Buddhists have their own set of beliefs. Sikhs have their own set of beliefs. Jains have their own set of beliefs. Hindus have their own set of beliefs. Atheists have their own set of beliefs. Jehovah Witnesses have their own set of beliefs.

Science is a universal language. The theory of evolution is something that we could relate to. If you replace the theory of evolution with intelligent design, you will be offending a whole lot of people.

Also, the numbers of proponents of intelligent design are shrinking. In the United States, Protestantism and Catholicism are losing members. The members are converting to another faith or just dropping it complete.

Plus, there are many denominations of Christianity with their own different interpretations.
Teaching intelligent design over evolution not only risks promoting only one brand of religion, but promoting only one brand of Christianity.

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