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When I first heard of Dr. Kevorkian and his mercy killings, I was a bit taken aback that he would do such a thing. For I believed it was just downright murder.

Since, I have changed my mind. I do believe in the Ten Commandments and one of them is "Thou shalt not kill...." as we all know. My pastor told us one night, that it is only normal to doubt the Bible. I do not doubt that but when someone is begging relief of pain and morphine or any other pain medicine won't work, then, I think assisted euthanasia is acceptable.

I have seen much pain since I worked in a hospital. A young lady begged for the doctors to "take them off, just take them off" she screamed in pain. She had had a double mastectomy and apparently the cancer had metastasized, for her breasts had already been taken off. She eventually, died at a very young age. At this stage, no amount of chemo or any other kind of drug could have helped her pain, but the doctors could only do so much.

Of course, there is a lot of mental anguish and that is a form of pain but I do not believe in suicide and I do hope that no one else I know will go to this extreme.

My uncle, who was forty-two, locked the garage door and left his car running because he had a lot of mental problems. To an outsider, he had the perfect life. A wife, home, cars and four children. He was forever doing something for someone. He was in much pain, mentally.

I could not see me assisting someone with killing themselves. I just would not do it. It would take a much stronger person than me and I believe I have been and am strong. But, I am old and I do not want to sit around in a wheelchair and be in pain and a burden to anyone.

I have heard that God does not put on us more than we can bear, but, if everything has been tried, then God has put that one person on earth for a reason and that is to help those who have taken all the pain they can bear. I am not questioning God or His plans, but, mercy killing has taken place before and we know that that person is no longer in pain, so why can't it be legalized?

I had a neighbor who moved in with her family. Her father was in his eighties and had spinal problems - I saw the x-rays one day and his back was terrible. While they lived here, her father was mobile and could help himself. He was such a sweet man. They moved to another town but occasionally, we will go and pick up her grandson and let him spend the weekend.

One day, we had a call from my neighbor. Could we come pick up her grandson? Why, of course.

Her father, who had had to retire to his wheelchair and had been in much, much pain, had talked his brother into bringing him a pistol that he wanted to inspect. It had been in the family a long time. It wasn't loaded.

The next thing they knew, he had shot himself in the head, killing himself instantly. The family was in such a traumatic state, I just knew they would all need therapy, especially, the two young grandchildren. He had told them before that he didn't think he could stand much more of the pain and I just know, this man would not have taken his own life, had there been a doctor who would have helped him end his misery.

So, I have to say, that I agree euthanasia would be ethical in cases where medicine can no longer help pain. It hurts me to see someone hurt and imagine your family, who loves you, standing around helpless, while you endure your pain, the best you can.

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