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I believe and have believed for a long time that euthanasia should be legal. I feel it is very ethical and I myself wish that the choice of active euthanisia was legal and available so that I could specify this in my own will. I know a decision like this is very personal and that some can not even think of their own death but the choice should be available to those that believe they would rather die than suffer from a terminal illness.

I like many others have watched love ones suffer. They had no chance of survival they were terminal. To me they were tortured everyday of their life until they died. I remember thinking and feeling how terrible it was for them to be in such a state. They were only being kept alive by machinery. They felt pain they were uncomfortable and they suffered truly sufffered. My grandfather suffered for weeks until finally they took him off the respirator. My Aunt was taken off her feeding machine and literaly starved to death. They said it wasn't painful and that she would die in 3 days... well she lived a full week. It was one of the worst things I ever saw in my life. They had to clear her lungs from fluids and she just laid there speechless, semi conscious which was really was the hard part because she knew what was going on and felt pain. She could not speak or write because she had a stroke which rendered her paralyized and speechless. It broke my heart and still to this day I think how wrong it was. There was nothing ethical about keeping them alive. As a matter of fact I think it's unethical to let someone starve to death, they have no fluids, no nothing and just die. It would have been more ethical if we had the choice to give them medication that would have put them to sleep and caused them no pain.

I mean think about it, we are allowed to make a decision to remove someone from life support. We are allowed to state in our wills and health proxy that we do not wish life support. Why then can't we take it a step further and have the right to say give me something that will make me die in peace and go with dignity? If a decision to pull the plug can be made and we know that the outcome to that will be death, why than can't we just have some medication available to help us? Watching someone die a little more each day in total distress does not make you feel less guilty. If you already made a decision to end their life why not end it in way that is comfortable? Which would you prefer and what method do you think is more ethical?

If euthanisia was legal than everyone would have that choice available to them. My Aunt certainly would have spelled that out in her will. I don't know about my grandfather though, that is something he may not have put in his will but he would have wanted it while he laid there on his death bed, that I am certain of.

I know that there has to be very stringent regulations if it's legalized, I realize there are concerns of misuse and abuse and I believe that all of those concerns can be addressed through good regulations and laws. I won't specify that in this article of debate but there are things that can be done that could eliminate that type of behavior or decision making. I also realize that people feel you are playing God when making this decision well think about this; if someone can not survive without being hooked up to machinery are you not defying God's will? If that machinery was not available would these people be alive? Grant it there is value in the use of these machines but they should only be used for temporary purposes not used to keep someone alive so that they can just lay in hospital bed with no chance of living and no quality of life.

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