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Is Dowsing Fact or Fiction

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"Is Dowsing Fact or Fiction"
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Dowsing is it fact or fiction? With at least 1500 known professional practitioners in the US and almost double that number in Europe many do believe. There have been no definitive scientific studies to set the story straight so far. Experiences with a successful dowser are all the proof positive that multitudes of people need.

Dowsing is used to locate water, minerals and even lost people. Ken Adachi in a 2003 editorial for Educate-Yourself states that dowsing when applied properly can reveal the answer to any question. Joey Korn from uses dowsing and the Kaballah to find the hidden treasures within each of us.

The US Geological Survey thinks that dowsing is important enough to warrant an information page on its website but states that there is no scientific evidence to validate the methods of dowsers. They go on to imply that knowledge of hydrology and geology may be more important than the dowsing rod itself.

Several controlled studies have taken place in Germany over the years. One of the most notable and oft quoted is the Scheunen experiment. The conductors of the experiment claim that it successfully proves that dowsing works. Outside scientific review has not agreed with their conclusions and suggests that chance is all that occurred.

James Randi is the debunker of Uri Geller and others claiming to have paranormal or psychic powers. He has a standing offer of one million dollars for any dowser who can prove under controlled conditions that he really can find things using dowsing methods. So far their have been no takers.

Some dowsers claim to tap into a higher consciousness, others claim to feel vibrations, and still others talk about biomagnetism. If humans normally only use ten percent of their given brain potential maybe dowsers have learned to use an extra one or two percent.

Drilling for water is an expensive proposition. Many feel that a dowser is well worth avoiding the risk of drilling a dry well. Most who use a dowser for this purpose could care less whether it is their knowledge of the land or a higher power that gives them an answer to where the water lies.

If you are interested in learning to dowse for yourself, or conduct your own experiments Walt Woods past president of the American Society of Dowsers has a beginner's booklet offered for free on his website. There are also regular meetings of practicing dowser in every region of the US. Just check the American Society of Dowsers website.

Fact or fiction dowsing has been a part of the world for about 6000 years or so the US Geological Survey pages state. As long as man needs to find water or a lost child dowsers are bound to be around.

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