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Is Dowsing Fact or Fiction

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"Is Dowsing Fact or Fiction"
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Dowsing the Mind

Dowsing is based on a theory that has been practiced throughout history. People determine water sources in specific locations using primitive tools. The theory developed from the hypothesis that a person can find water using sticks (or other similar tools) which will be attracted to the water source beneath.

Dowsing Tools vs. Mind Games

People have actually succeeded in finding water beneath the earth while they have been holding dowsing tools. To claim however that the tool is the reason seems farfetched. People are intelligent beings whose memories store a lifetime of data in their subconscious.

We are also more than capable of deluding ourselves. We talk ourselves into all sorts of things, especially when we are angry. Instead of looking at the whole situation, we find ways to justify our feelings and reactions. We also talk ourselves out of things that challenge us. It's easier to be quiet than to challenge a large group when we disagree with things. Later, we are frustrated that we didn't speak up. Once again, we make an excuse to justify our feelings.

The Knowledge of Dowsing

Dowsing is an activity that requires knowledge. You must know what tools to use and how to hold them. You should have a vague idea, based on research, where to look for water. Then you must understand the process of walking over the land to get a correct reading from the sticks.

People are often too intelligent for their own good. We can land men on the moon, but we fail to recognize the power of our own hypnosis. It is so exciting to think that there is some supernatural force doing our bidding for us. In reality, we have done the research to prove a desired outcome.

In our quest for success, we have studied the field, charted the area, and made mindful conclusions about what to expect. All of this was done in preparation of our dowsing expedition. Mental notes from our subconscious surface during the actual event.

Proof Positive

Dowsing has worked on several occasions, but not because sticks detected water. It seems more likely that dowsing works because human energy, alive and flowing, acts like a magnet to the water beneath it. The hands that hold the stick are then responsible for the end result.

Keeping everything in perspective, it is logical to claim that dowsing is fiction. It is a product of human imagination that proves true when human energy is magnetized by the earth. It also explains why dowsing has rarely been proven in a controlled scientific environment, and is often proven where water is plentiful.

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