Is Cloning our Pets a Slippery Slope to Human Cloning – Yes

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"Is Cloning our Pets a Slippery Slope to Human Cloning - Yes"
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People who have their pets clone are sending a subliminal message to the scientific world by giving their approval to animal experimentations.

Having anything clone will not raise it from the dead. No animal is the same and no human being is the same. There have been too many experiments trying to get one species to behave like another. The theory is when that species dies, the other will carry on.

Some people will say that man wants to play God by creating life and sustaining it anyway possible. We hear about such things because the scientific community wants to see our reaction.

It is not natural to have life cloned because everything must die in order to make room for other forms of life. Some mistakes you can go back and correct but others you just have to learn from them. This is living.

When you have something at your disposal controlling you and you controlling it, that is not living it is manipulation. It is also a selfish way of suppressing guilt. Guilt is part of the consciousness of man. If man feels no guilt he feels no need to change.

There are some people who feel no pain. The scientific community is their sparse reality to life by putting other forms of life in a painful situation. They marvel at the excitement of the work being done in the scientific community. These people can only marvel because they do not have the good deeds at their disposal.

Life is more complex than a laboratory tube or a petri dish. Mapping out the human genome is an accomplishment but not an answer to our simple problems that were born out of the murals of our mind.

Common sense can only be practiced and not transformed. Some people are making use of society because they are privilege to do so. Therefore, the rest of us must be living unrealistically.

I want a choice in my future. I do not want a clone choosing it for me. There are enough confused people walking around trying to figure out where they fit into all this mess.

We do not know what is happening behind close doors of laboratories. Each of us can take the moral responsibility of trying to face our problems and stop running from them.

First the pet gets cloned. Then the owners. Then the children. It only begins with something very simple for the world to look the other way.

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