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A diagram of the human body.

Interesting Facts on the Human Body

A diagram of the human body.
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"Interesting Facts on the Human Body"
Caption: A diagram of the human body.
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The human body is an interesting piece of work.  Every day, we take our bodies on a journey through life- and the crazy and amazing events in it. Struggles, triumphs and mystery are all endured as the human body takes a daily beating, courtesy of your life. No matter how unusual your day was, however, your body takes the cake for being the most unusual aspect of your day.  For example, did you know...

10. You are taller when you wake up.

Yes, it’s true: you’re shrinking.  Not only as you grow older, but even from the morning to the evening. The cartilage in your bones is compressed about   one inch during the day, leaving you just a tiny bit shorter than when you wake up. Next time you make fun of Grandma for shrinking, remember your lost inch!

9.Your smell is unique.

Put your arms down, I promise this one. Your smell is as unique to your body as a fingerprint.  Babies are able to recognize the scents of their mothers , because of the subtle differences in scent.  It is even suggested that this unique smell can help find a mate, as the brain is chemically attracted to certain scents (whether you realize it or not!)

8. Your nose can remember 50,000 scents.

Your nose can remember and identify thousands of smells.  The scent of an object can trigger a memory, sometimes even more vividly than with only visuals. The next time you walk past a garbage can, watch what you smell! It could end up being your next great memory.

7.Your body is the host to the worlds’ largest party.

Well, sort of. There are more organisms on the surface of your skin at this very moment   than there are people on the planet. In fact, 10% of the human dry body weight is made up of bacteria, which  accounts for much of this number, but don’t grab your hand sanitizer just yet- much of it is healthy bacteria (which helps to protect and regulate the immune system).

6.Your body is comparable to an iron mine.

It sounds weird, I know. But in reality, there is enough iron in the human body to create a spike that is strong enough to hold your entire body weight. Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, and particularly hemoglobin- which carries oxygenated blood throughout the body. It’s no surprise your body wants as much of it as possible: it’s a real life saver!

5. You lose your skin by the pounds.

Yearly, of course. To break it down, the average human sheds about 600,000 particles of skin per hour. In a year, this adds up to be an amazing 1.5 pounds. By age 70, it is expected that the average human will have shed at least 70 pounds of skin. Talk about a weight off your shoulders!

4.Your brain is invincible to pain.

The brain is unable to feel pain. While the brain does send out the message to receptors telling you when you’re hurt, the brain itself has no feeling when physically assaulted. In fact, the brain can be cut into parts and your pretty little head wouldn’t feel a thing.

3. Your heart is a powerful machine.

To be more specific, it is a powerful pump. The heart pumps  with such pressure that if your heart was openly pumping outside of the body, the blood would squirt 30 feet.

2. We are all “men of steel”.

The body is tough- this we know. But did you know that your skeleton can top steel for strength? Pound for pound, the human skeleton is capable of holding, pushing, and supporting more weight than a steel bar the same width. How’s that for a strong arm?

1.You will never stop learning.

What a wonder! Your brain is capable of storing all of the information you see on a daily basis. While you’re enjoying this article, your brain is carefully and meticulously storing away every little detail- down to what you were doing at this very moment. While this is an amazing feat, it differs in ability because not everyone is as good at recalling this information.  The brain is full of millions and millions of tiny nerves, cells, and receptors- all of which make you the observant individual you are today.

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